5 Strategies for Finding, Training, and Keeping Resilient Sales Talent

In the sales world, success is often measured by numbers – quotas achieved, targets surpassed, and new clients won. But what truly sets a sales force apart is its resilience, the ability to bounce back from challenges and adapt to an ever-changing landscape. As a sales leader, you might wonder how to cultivate this quality within your pool of sales talent and ensure a reliable and adaptable sales force — that’s where we come in.

Here are a few strategies to ensure your sales force stays resilient and continues to thrive in any condition.

Focus on an Abundance Mindset

Someone with an abundance attitude believes there is so much opportunity that there is enough for everyone. An abundance mindset is essential for fostering resilience in your sales team. It makes it difficult to have negative beliefs. Negativity cannot penetrate, and the abundance mindset counters that negative thinking. Encourage your sales reps to view challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement rather than setbacks. Help your team members focus on the opportunities and the things they can control, like attitude, sales effectiveness, and activities. And not worry about things they can’t control, like the economy, marketplace, and competition. They need to be hopeful and positive so that negativity can’t influence them in any way.

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Hire Sales Talent with Resilience

When hiring new sales talent, look for candidates who demonstrate resilience and adaptability and avoid hiring candidates who likely won’t improve with constructive feedback. Ask about past experiences where they’ve faced adversity or navigated change and how they’ve grown from those experiences. If, in their responses, they describe the situation as “we” because they’re part of a team, ask them how they personally handled and grew from the challenge. Hiring individuals with a track record of overcoming challenges will strengthen your sales force and contribute to its overall resilience.

Provide Ongoing Training and Support

Have you sought professional sales training and coaching in the past? Was it a positive experience? Utilize sales consultants to invest in ongoing sales training and support for your sales team to help them stay ahead of industry trends, develop new skills, and refine their sales techniques. By providing your team with access to resources and learning opportunities, you can help them grow professionally and become more resilient in the face of change.

Encourage Collaboration, Teamwork, and Peer Accountability

A solid and cohesive sales team is more likely to be resilient in facing challenges. Encourage collaboration and teamwork by promoting open communication, sharing best practices, and celebrating team successes. Challenge each other and hold each other accountable, like iron sharpening iron, to improve sales effectiveness and ensure the team follows the sales process. This will help create a supportive environment where your sales reps feel empowered to take risks, be more creative, and feel comfortable sharing feedback.

Recognize and reward sales reps who demonstrate resilience and accountability. Celebrate their successes and share their stories with the rest of the team to inspire others to adopt a resilient mindset. By acknowledging and rewarding these qualities with positive and public recognition, you’ll cultivate a culture of valuing, encouraging, and reinforcing resilient behaviors.

Set Clear Expectations and Goals

Establishing clear expectations and goals for your sales team is crucial for maintaining focus and motivation. Ensure your team knows what is expected of them and believes these are the most important and relevant tasks regarding performance metrics to achieve personal and team goals. When tracking activities and results, be sure to track leading indicators (like the number of conversations with decision-makers) to allow time to make adjustments and ensure the greatest likelihood of success.

Do You Want a Sales Team Built to Last?

Building a resilient sales force requires a combination of hiring the right sales talent, fostering an abundance mindset, providing ongoing training and support, and nurturing a collaborative and supportive team culture. By implementing these strategies, you’ll set your sales team up for long-term success and equip them with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in an ever-changing sales landscape. 

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