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New Sales Director Increases Sales By Over 50% for Media Production Company

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Motion Adrenaline

Based in Atlanta and Raleigh, Motion Adrenaline is a commercial media production company known for its high-end content that strikes a chord with viewers. They manage everything from concept development to post-production, employing directors and editors who focus intensely on detail and strive for perfection. Their commitment to excellence remains constant, whether they are collaborating with major brands or smaller enterprises.


Ineffective Hiring Practices

Motion Adrenaline struggled to find a Sales Director who could lead their sales team effectively. Their typical hiring process failed to assess candidates thoroughly, missing crucial traits like culture fit, sales expertise, and leadership.

Sales Strategy Shortcomings

The team lacked a structured sales strategy, often rushing into proposals and pricing without fully understanding client needs, which hindered effective selling and client relationship building.

Leadership Development

There was a clear need for enhanced leadership within the sales team to foster a more strategic approach to selling and team management, ensuring alignment with the company’s high standards and goals.


Revamping the Hiring Process

Topaz Sales Consulting introduced the Metahire Sales Hiring System, transforming Motion Adrenaline’s approach to recruitment. We refined job descriptions, honed interview questions to reveal candidates’ true capabilities, and implemented interactive interviews that tested real-time sales acumen.

    • Spending time on the job description to ensure a solid foundation and understanding of what was needed to be successful in the positions they were hiring for.

    • Asking candidates the right questions during interviews to uncover the truth early in the process.

    • Uncovering each candidate’s sales skills using current prospect situations during interactive interviews.

Implementing Sales Training

Our Buyer Facilitator sales training equipped the Motion Adrenaline team with strategies to delay proposals until a deeper understanding of the client’s needs was established, shifting from a quick-sell to a client-focused approach. This training also addressed behavioral adjustments, moving the team away from product-centric discussions to a focus on uncovering client needs.

    • Teaching them when to give a proposal is appropriate because they historically offered proposals and pricing too soon.

    • Adjusting their behavior — they were used to being the experts and uncomfortable not talking about their products and services vs. uncovering client needs and pain.

    • Learning to engage with clients on a deeper level by getting a meaningful understanding of their goals, pain points, and actual needs.

Leadership Skill Enhancement

We focused on developing leadership skills within the sales team, particularly with the newly hired Sales Director, Sean. This involved coaching on effective team management, strategic decision-making, and aligning sales strategies with overarching business objectives.

Our experience with both myself and the team have been comforting and encouraging, and the process

Kirk Wray

"Kirk and his team have dramatically increased sales and are bringing in top-tier clients."

Rich Maynard
Topaz Sales Coach
Increase in YoY Sales
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Introducing the Metahire sales hiring system and Buyer Facilitator sales training significantly overhauled Motion Adrenaline’s sales operations.

With a new Sales Director at the helm, the company embraced a client-centered sales approach, leading to a more than 50% increase in sales within a year.

This growth is a direct result of strategic leadership hiring and a refined sales strategy that aligns with the company’s mission of excellence and perfection in video and media production.