Topaz Training Helps Secure Sales Director, Increasing Year-Over-Year Sales By Over 50%

About Motion Adrenaline 

Based in Atlanta and Raleigh, Motion Adrenaline is a commercial media production company dedicated to producing high-end content that resonates with viewers. From concept development to post-production, Motion Adrenaline’s directors and editors have a keen eye for detail and a passion for perfection. Whether working with big brands or small businesses, they always bring their A-game.

A Typical Hiring Process Worth Editing

Motion Adrenaline’s most pressing challenge was finding a Sales Director to run their sales organization. Their existing hiring process was pretty typical and didn’t ask the right types of questions to identify the best possible candidates for their current vacant roles, let alone a Sales Director position. Culture fit, sales acumen, and leadership qualities were all lacking in most candidates, resulting in wasted time and resources on the recruitment experience. They needed advice and a long-term solution to finding the right sales team and future ideal employees if they wanted success in growing their business. 

Referred to Topaz through one of their close business partners, the Motion Adrenaline team approached us to find a solution that could offer the sales and sales hiring training they needed to achieve their goals.

A Snapshot of Our Solutions

Before enrolling Motion Adrenaline’s team in the Metahire Sales Hiring System and Buyer Facilitator by Topaz sales training, Jorge and our sales coach, Rich, spent time doing a deep dive analysis of their current hiring and sales processes, strategies, and practices. Then, once we agreed that our companies were a good fit and we identified areas of opportunity for improvement, we all dug into the learning.   

Our strategic, customized, and targeted approach focused on:

  • Spending time on the job description to ensure a solid foundation and understanding of what was needed to be successful in the positions they were hiring for.
  • Asking candidates the right questions during interviews to uncover the truth early in the process.
  • Uncovering each candidate’s sales skills using current prospect situations during interactive interviews.
  • Teaching them when to give a proposal is appropriate because they historically offered proposals and pricing too soon.
  • Adjusting their behavior — they were used to being the expert and uncomfortable not talking about their products and services vs. uncovering client needs and pain. 
  • Learning to engage with clients on a deeper level by getting a meaningful understanding of their goals, pain points, and actual needs.

A Reel of Results

As Motion Adrenaline completed the training programs, they successfully implemented a repeatable sales hiring process that delivered the type of rock-solid hires they needed. As a result, they successfully hired a Sales Director, Sean, who has now taken over their sales process and uses the Buyer Facilitator framework as a foundation for his sales success. In just under a year, they’ve seen a remarkable 50%+ increase in sales from making a strategic and ideal sales leadership hire. 

Roll the Credits

“I would recommend Topaz any day of the week, you really have to just give them a call and see for yourself. Our experience with both myself and the team have been comforting and encouraging, and the process works. I really have to blame Topaz for Sean’s SUCCESS; he is absolutely killing it, so much, in fact, I am so busy I can’t even sleep.” 

-Kirk Wray – Producer | Director | FX | Editor at Motion Adrenaline

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