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What is a Buyer Facilitator?

A buyer facilitator is much more than a subject matter expert. They help people buy. Arm your sales team with training, tools, and an empowered belief system that will change everything.

Tools for Transformation

Blended learning consisting of on-demand training and live, online coaching is designed to equip your salespeople with the tools and know-how they need for you to reach your goals.


Our easy-to-use system equips your sales team to develop an empowered belief system, improve communication skills and better understand your buyer’s needs and wants, resulting in stronger prospecting and more sales.


In each high-impact video training session, learners gain a new understanding of their role as a sales person, who your buyer is and the purpose of every interaction with them. Learn on your own time and take advantage of our downloadable resources and bonus materials.


Get exclusive access to the Buyer Facilitator coaching team. Each coaching session brings practical application that complements the video training for engaging your clients and prospects by answering questions, engaging in role practice, and helping your team strategize and prepare for upcoming prospect and client meetings.


Use sales evaluations and DISC assessments to determine your teams' full sales potential. Uncover strengths, understand how to address weaknesses and blind spots, and learn to communicate effectively with others.


Unlock the interactive Buyer Facilitator Workbook to follow along with the training program and access to a suite of coaching resources, including fillable worksheets, custom templates, and handouts.


Get unlimited access to the Buyer Facilitator Program course for as long as you work with Topaz so your sales team can continuously hone their selling skills and refine key course concepts.

“It was clear from my first meeting, Jorge knows more about the sales process than anyone I have ever met.”
Dennis Heneger
"Several team members suggested that we incorporate this approach into Salesforce."
Mary Jo Eldridge
ECS Learning Systems
"If I had known there was an organization that used a sales process like this, I would have gotten into sales a long time ago. It fits my mindset and beliefs."
Trent Turner
Director, Bridgepoint Consulting

Free Tool

Build Your Ideal Introduction

One of the most important skills a salesperson has is their ability to pique their prospect’s interest with their introduction. Want to be able to say who you help and how you help them in 10 seconds? Use our fillable form to create an introduction to take your conversations beyond the tired elevator pitch and into a meaningful exchange.

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