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Sales Training with Lasting Impact

Providing your sales team with a strategic, well-rounded approach to sales training and development goes beyond short-term motivation. It develops Buyer Facilitators who contribute to sustained revenue growth, enduring client relationships, and a strong market presence for your company.

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Our Sales Training

Live coaching sessions and real-time training are specifically tailored to arm your sales team with the essential skills and knowledge they require. Consider sales training a critical component of your overall strategy, positioning your team for sustained success.


The Buyer Facilitator sales training program utilizes massively effective participatory learning consisting of on-demand sales training and live, online coaching designed to ensure you're not just hitting targets, but consistently exceeding them


In every insightful video, learners will discover a fresh perspective on their role as salespeople, the role of the buyer, and the purpose of each interaction. Engage at your own pace, view at your convenience, and tap into an array of downloadable resources and bonus content.


Empower your team through live group coaching to address your specific sales hurdles and best chances for growth. A participatory learning model supplements the video training, focusing on engagement through questioning, role-playing, hands-on exercises, and strategy development.


Use objective sales evaluations and DISC assessments to determine your teams' full sales potential. Uncover strengths, understand how to address weaknesses and blind spots, and learn to communicate effectively with others.


Get exclusive access to the interactive Buyer Facilitator Workbook and the suite of resources, including fillable worksheets, templates, handouts, and AI tools to enhance your training experience.


Get lifetime access to the Topaz Alumni Group: an exclusive community for Topaz graduates. Stay in touch with coaches and fellow alumni, access essential downloads, engage in forum discussions, and use our powerful AI tools.

Sales Diagnostic Tools

Sales diagnostics take objective data about a company’s sales organization’s people, systems, and strategies. Our sales training starts with these crucial diagnostic assessments to determine your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses, deliver client-specific training, and accelerate learning and sales results.

Discover what’s holding your team back by using pre-hire sales and sales manager assessments, behavioral assessments, and an indepth salesforce evaluation. 

Download a sample sales evaluation and see how it works!

Buyer Facilitator FAQ

Why is sales training important?

What good is an Olympic athlete if they don’t train? The same is the case for salespeople. Although you may be getting by, consistent sales training will sharpen your skills and elevate you to the next level. If you’re concerned that if you train your people they might leave, what happens if you don’t train your people and they stay?

What is Buyer Facilitator Training?

Buyer Facilitator is our name for sales professionals.


This program will redefine what you believe about sales and provide a time-tested sales philosophy and process designed to deliver consistent results.


Our training delivers learning modules online, reinforces the learning through a weekly coach-led discussion, then gains commitment from your team to apply what they’ve learned.


Each week you strategize on upcoming prospect calls, share customer engagement stories, and Sales Coaches offer positive alternatives to empower you to have high impact conversations with your customers.

What makes Buyer Facilitator training more effective than other offerings?

The Topaz model is efficient and effective challenging companies to start applying new best practices immediately.


Within the first two weeks we will expose your teams’ true sale beliefs, many of them self-limiting, and then offer positive alternatives to empower you to have high impact conversations with your customers.


Rather than huddling your sales team in a room for a week, we deliver learning modules online, reinforce the learning through a weekly coach-led discussion, then gain commitment from your team to apply what they’ve learned.


It’s far more impactful than an information dump at a sales conference.

What happens after we complete Buyer Facilitator sales training?

The Topaz Sales Consulting team will support and guide you through the program from start to finish, and offers Advanced Training to continue honing skills for as long as you find value.


To keep the philosophy and process on the forefront of your mind, we offer an exclusive community forum with other BF alums and Topaz Coaches, blogs, newsletters and weekly tips so you can continue as a Buyer Facilitator long after foundational training is completed.

What happens if we don't get sales training?

Expect your customers to notice.

"The Buyer Facilitator process and training has transformed just about every conversation I have. I can't think of a more profound effect on my life going forward."
Kirt Boudreau
C12 Forums
"They will teach you how to have easy conversations that will help prospects buy your products and services and make sales fun again!"
Cassandra Layman
Beacon Wealth
"If I had known there was an organization that used a sales process like this, I would have gotten into sales a long time ago. It fits my mindset and beliefs."
Trent Turner
Bridgepoint Consulting

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One of the most important skills a salesperson has is their ability to pique their prospect’s interest with their introduction. Do you want to say who you help and how you help them in 10 seconds or less? Use our fillable form to create an introduction to take your conversations beyond the tired elevator pitch and into a meaningful exchange.

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