Sales Training to Transform Your Team into a Revenue Generating Machine

Drive sales results, hire ideal candidates, and lead with excellence.

Sales Training

Engage prospects, candidates, and clients using sustainable processes, user-friendly tools, and personalized sales strategies.

Participatory Learning

Optimize team potential with active dialogue of the training material, promoting critical thinking and challenging the status quo. 

Group Coaching

Strengthen your team with real-time coaching sessions focused on tackling sales challenges and seizing growth opportunities.

When You Should Consider Working With a Sales Consulting Company

Declining Sales Performance

Product Demos Not Converting

High Sales Rep Turnover

Inability to Add New Customers

Low Customer Retention Rates

If you recognize any of these challenges in your company it may be time to invest in sales training and coaching as the first step toward transforming these challenges into opportunities.

Sales Training and Coaching

Change how your sales team thinks and performs

At Topaz, we don’t just train your sales team — we set them apart. Our unique Buyer Facilitator sales philosophy emphasizes a transformative belief system around the role of the buyer, salesperson, and the purpose of the conversation.

Our tailored sales training and coaching empower your team to radically shift from trying to sell to helping people buy. With the Buyer Facilitator approach, watch your team build lasting bonds with clients, close more sales, and continuously exceed goals.

Sales Hiring System

Hire top-performing salespeople

If you currently use the same approach for hiring salespeople as you do other hires, you have a greater chance of making a wrong hire.

Implement a specialized sales hiring process and take the guesswork out of attracting, screening, hiring, and onboarding salespeople who excel in their roles and resonate with your company’s commitment to lasting client relationships.

Sales Leadership Training

Guide a high-performing team

Boost your natural leadership skills with training infused with our unique Buyer Facilitator sales philosophy. Dig deep, find those weaknesses holding you back, and turn them into notable leadership strengths. Master the art of coaching and motivating your team to exceed their goals and confidently stand out in the marketplace.

With our Sales Leadership program, you don’t just become a manager; you transform into a guide, navigating your team to close more deals, foster stronger customer relationships, and increase revenue.

Build Your Sales Machine

On-Demand Training | Proprietary Tools | Expert Live Coaching

Learn On-Demand with Dynamic Video Training

Engage in Group and Individual Coaching Sessions

Access Sales Tools & Downloadable Resources

Track Your Progress in Real-Time

Test Your Knowledge with Interactive Sales Challenges

Earn LinkedIn Training Certificates

Empower, nurture, and transform your sales approach with tailored training, specialized hiring, and leadership excellence.

High-growth companies trust Topaz sales training to boost revenue, attract the right talent, and refine leadership excellence.

"Topaz really helped me take a deep breath. Don’t hire the first person that walks through the door, which is the opposite of what I used to always do. I plan to continue using the Metahire process going forward."
Rich Speeney
CEO, Presto Tape

How Solid Are Your Sales Beliefs?

Are your sales beliefs helping or hindering your growth?

Three Questions. That’s all it takes to challenge your mindset. Ready?

Help your team facilitate long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with sales training and consulting tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

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