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Sales Planning for the New Year

As a leader, you need always to be two steps ahead of everyone else, which is why now is the time to plan for next year. But I want you to forget about targets for a moment and undertake an honest appraisal of each team member.

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Five Sales Hiring Mistakes

Don’t make an expensive mistake by hiring the wrong salesperson.  Enter your email below to get a copy our a free guide will help you understand and recognize the five critical yet common mistakes companies make when hiring.

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Book recommendations for sales leaders

Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni book cover

Getting Naked

This book aligns with the Topaz philosophy and approach to successful selling. Though we have expertise in our field, we

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The Advantage book cover

The Advantage

With Topaz, we want our clients to have a competitive edge in the marketplace. Therefore, we provide a philosophy and

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How Clients Buy book cover

How Clients Buy

Professional services firms understand the motivators of why people buy their products and services. Depending on the services you provide,

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