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A Sales Hiring System that takes the guesswork out of attracting, screening, and hiring great salespeople.

The sales team is crucial to your company’s success and development. Your hiring process should be detailed, non-biased, and process-driven to guarantee the best possible outcome.

Discover what you’re doing right and identify gaps in your sales hiring process. Are you hiring the right people? Take our sales hiring assessment and find out.

How do you consistently hire and retain top sales performers?

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Take control over your sales hiring process. When companies get sales hiring right, everybody wins.

Get access to an exclusive sales hiring process, live coaching, and customizable tools

Start hiring your ideal sale team today. Here is what’s included when you enroll in the Metahire Sales Hiring System.

The Metahire Sales Hiring System

Our repeatable, measurable and easy to customize hiring process makes it attainable for companies to find ideal candidates and accelerate onboarding.


Through our high-impact online classes, you will learn how to attract, screen, hire, and onboard top sales professionals for your organization. Learn at your own pace and download the mobile app for on the go learning.


Get exclusive access to the Metahire® coaching team to help you customize your hiring tools and strategize on how to put what you’re learning into practice at every step of the hiring process. You are highly encouraged to schedule our team to lead a 60-Minute Interactive Interview.


Get access to an objective, pre-hire sales assessment with over 200 questions designed to save you time and help uncover each applicant’s sales potential - with stunning accuracy.


Take advantage of our downloadable resources and bonus materials. Unlock more than 40 Metahire® tools, including worksheets, templates, and illustrations. Some plans also offer a complimentary trial of our Buyer Facilitator online video library.


Get unlimited access to the Metahire® Sales Hiring System for 1 full year so you can review lessons, catch up on a class you may have missed and stay sharp on your sales hiring skills.

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What is the cost of a bad sales hire?

A bad sales hire is one of the most expensive mistakes a company can make.  Use our hiring cost calculator to determine how much a bad sales hire can affect your bottom line.

"We chose to work with Topaz Sales Consulting based on their company values and the quality of their team. We believed in their hiring system and followed their lead throughout the engagement."
Colter Kaspar Portrait
Colter Kaspar
Owner, Kormachine
"This program has increased my confidence that we will not repeat past hiring mistakes."
Deborah Ceglarski
CFO, Panova
"I am so glad to use the Metahire process, it has saved us from making offers to multiple candidates who would not have been a good fit at our company."
Bill Tierney
VP of Sales, ProLift Rigging

Be the sales hiring master

Metahire® is the #1 most effective sales hiring system in the world, designed so that you can have 100% confidence that you’re hiring the ideal person every time.

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How to Implement Skills-Based Hiring

Adopting a skills-based hiring approach is essential for CEOs, sales managers, and professionals responsible for sales and other hires. This strategy aligns with market demands and the evolving nature of the workforce.

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Achieving Your Best Sales Hiring ROI

Achieving a sales hiring ROI, it's about finding a candidate that aligns with your long-term vision and brings with them verified sales expertise and relationship-building skills.

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