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Topaz FAQ

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Topaz is headquartered in the lovely city of Austin at the beginning of the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas.

Yes! We have a long list of clients we have worked with throughout the United States and around the world.

Topaz offers Sales, Sales Hiring and Sales Leadership online training and live coaching programs as well as objective sales evaluations and CEO mentoring. You can learn more about our offerings on our website!

We have a growing number of customer success stories. Check out our Case Studies.

You can read the Topaz Sales Consulting blog and so many more informative pieces by clicking this link: Resources

Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to transform the way the world perceives, values, hires, and trains salespeople.  This passion for sales excellence and desire for each participant in our courses to reach their potential sets us apart from other sales consulting companies. 

Topaz Sales Consulting has been helping companies build revenue generating machines since 2015.  Members of our team have been helping customers buy for over 3 decades.

We accept all forms of communication.  Here are a few:

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Of course! Nowadays businesses are more and more online, including us.  However, we are always open to in person meetings. You can also check out our About Page for a coach near you.

Before Topaz starts working with a new client, we set proper expectations to get maximum value for their investment.  Like most things, people get out of training what they put into it.  Here’s a great example:

“Topaz has equipped our people to be an amazing differentiator in our market.  The way our people interact builds lasting trust based upon truth and commitment.  This dynamic has radically improved our relationship with customers, increased our credibility and lead to increased revenue and profit.  Topaz has radically transformed our team for the better”.

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We are an organization whose offerings and core values are aligned with our faith.

Topaz offers blended learning training and coaching which includes proprietary online training videos and live coaching provided by a certified Topaz Sales Coach.

Sales consulting is when a sales expert provides tailored solutions to companies on how to increase productivity, accountability and revenue.

Although there are lots of great sales training facilitators in Austin, for the right fit, we are the best organization for them!

Our training is proprietary and available to our clients through a learning management system (LMS).  To see if we’re a good fit for you, reach out.

Yes and no.  All of our blended learning programs consist of online training videos and are supplemented with live coaching delivered by a certified Topaz Sale Coach.

Most companies have sales struggles and don’t even know that sales consulting exists. A good sales consultant will identify if they are able to help the company, and once they have established it is a win-win relationship, they will begin training the sales team to be more efficient and effective. 

You choose your start date for the training. Access to the online video training can be as quick as 1 business day of purchasing.

The recorded video training is available for active clients. Many of our tools and other resources are available in perpetuity.

Buyer Facilitator FAQ

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We help discover what's holding your sales team back – from pre-hire sales and sales manager assessments to a full salesforce evaluation, where we provide objective data about the people, systems, and strategies of a company’s sales organization. We use this data to tailor our programs to deliver client specific training and to accelerate their learning and sales results.

What good is an Olympic athlete if they don't train? The same is the case for salespeople. Although you may be getting by, consistent sales training will sharpen your skills and elevate you to the next level. If you’re concerned that if you train your people they might leave, what happens if you don’t train your people and they stay?

Buyer Facilitator is our name for sales professionals. Buyer Facilitator by Topaz Training is a blended learning sales training program by Topaz Sales Consulting. This program will redefine what you believe about sales and provide a time-tested sales philosophy and process designed to deliver consistent results.

A sales facilitator is someone who effectively helps to guide the Prospect through the buying process. They do this by focusing on the customers real problem they’re trying to solve and developing tailored solutions to help solve it.

The length of the training is determined by you and your Topaz Sales Coach. Most of our clients complete the foundational training over a 4-6 month period. Advanced Buyer Facilitator training builds on foundational training and continues for as long as clients sees value.

Yes, we offer one-on-one coaching with a focus on achieving your specific sales goals. 

When you go through any of the Topaz training programs, you will be provided with a comprehensive workbook (when applicable), tools, templates, and other resources for your use. During live coaching sessions, tools and templates are customized according to our client’s specific needs.

Client investment will vary based on the number of participants, goals, and timelines.

An ideal group size is between 6 & 8 with a maximum of 10 participants to go through Buyer Facilitator together. A smaller group size allows for more focused and personal attention.

The Topaz Sales Consulting team will support and guide you through the program from start to finish, and will even offer community forums, blogs, newsletters and weekly tips so you can continue to be a Buyer Facilitator long after foundational training is completed.

After you graduate from Buyer Facilitator sales training, you can choose to continue with Advanced Buyer Facilitator training, join our exclusive Topaz Alumni Group (TAG) community forum, and stay up to date through our newsletter and weekly Topaz tips to continue honing your skills as a Buyer Facilitator. If you find that down the road you are falling back into old habits you may want to invest in refresher training at a Topaz Reboot Camp.

At Topaz Sales Consulting, we are experts with an easy to use online video training program with supplemental live coaching that challenges companies to start applying new best practices immediately. Within the first two weeks we will expose your teams’ true sale beliefs, many of them self-limiting and then offer positive alternatives to empower you to have high impact conversations with your customers. The Topaz model is efficient. Rather than huddling your sales team in a room for a week, we deliver learning modules online, reinforce the learning through a weekly coach-led discussion, then gain commitment from your team to apply what they’ve learned. Each week you will share live customer engagement stories, and talk through ideal next steps. It’s far more impactful than a information dump in a sales conference.

The best time to invest in sales training was a year ago and right now! There are a number of reasons our customers have invested in sales training.

Here are a few:

  • Missing revenue goals
  • Skills sharpening
  • No sales process followed by all
  • Never had professional sales training
  • Employee motivation and retention

You should be providing consistent coaching and training to your employees so they are able to retain the knowledge and apply it every day. If or when you are uncertain about which sales reps are unconditionally committed (capable of positive change) vs the ones who are conditionally committed (unwilling or not capable of positive change) is an indicator it may be time for refresher training.

Expect your customers to notice.

Even the best Buyer Facilitators fall back on old habits, start to skip steps in the Process, or forget the Philosophy. Topaz offers Buyer Facilitator alumni a half-day workshop tailored to your company’s needs and challenges.

Metahire FAQ

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We offer a sales hiring program, Metahire, which has a time-tested and proven process that, when used properly, can dramatically increase the likelihood that your next hire is a sales superstar.

Topaz offers a proprietary sales hiring system specifically designed to hire high performing salespeople and sales managers.  Our emphasis is on searching for reasons to disqualify candidates who are not a fit rather than searching for reasons to move the candidate forward.  This technique saves enormous amounts of time and leads to better sales hiring results. Check you sales hiring process here.

Metahire is a proprietary and proven process designed specifically for hiring salespeople and sales managers using an efficient scoring system at every stage of the hiring process.

Isn’t that the black box of all questions? Most companies don’t know what a bad sales hire has cost them. When calculating the cost of a bad hire you should include, but not limited to, salary, commissions, benefits, cost of leads and most importantly the opportunity cost (sales that are going to your competition). Calculate how much your last bad sales hire cost you.

The Metahire online training program is 8 hours plus live coaching. However, it is not necessary to complete all the training to get started. You will be able to learn and apply your learning on Day 1 of purchasing Metahire.

Although we do not provide our services to conduct live interviews on your behalf, our Topaz Consultants are always available to shadow you on interviews to give you tips, or even participate in an interactive interview.

Yes. When you go through any of the Topaz training programs, you will be provided with comprehensive tools, templates, and other resources for your use. During live coaching sessions, tools and templates are customized according to our client’s specific needs.

Client investment will vary based on the number of hires, goals, and timelines.

You can post a job and hire a salesperson without help from anyone. The question is, is that hire the right hire for your organization? At Topaz, we equip companies to eliminate the majority of the risk of a bad sales hire and dramatically increase the likelihood of a good sales hire. If you already have a sales team and are trying to decide whether to add people to your team, first you will need to evaluate your team and see who are top performers and who aren’t. Then, decide if you would rather train those who are not top performers, or part ways and replace them with better salespeople.

The Topaz Sales Consulting team will be involved as much as the client needs during each stage of the Metahire training with suggested targeted check-ins throughout the hiring process.

You can implement our easy-to-follow process to begin hiring your sales team today!

Once you’ve hired your ideal salesperson and onboarded them effectively, use the Buyer Facilitator by Topaz training to further equip them and accelerate their sales success!

Yes, we have a resume scoresheet that our clients can tailor fit to their company and hiring position to quickly weed out candidates who are timewasters.

Yes, we have a collection of fully vetted email correspondence templates that your team can utilize throughout the hiring process.

We treat the whole hiring process like a cold call. We embed our sales philosophy into our sales hiring practices impacting decisions you make in each stage of hiring. Most companies use the same hiring process for all positions in the company. Our process is designed specifically to hire salespeople, although because the process is built to identify top performers, many of our clients have adapted the sales hiring process for other positions in their company.

From receiving a resume to making a job offer can happen in as little as four days. Our program allows candidates to be screened, interviewed multiple times and seen by multiple members of your team in just a few days.

Our program will help you attract, screen, hire and onboard the best candidates for your company. You set the bar on how skilled they need to be for success in your company. Metahire helps you screen for that level of skill.

Sales Leadership FAQ

Do you have any questions about Sales Leadership Training from Topaz? Click a question to see the answer.

An ideal group size is between 6 & 8 with a maximum of 10 participants to go through Sales Leadership together. A smaller group size allows for more focused and personal attention.

We offer a blended learning program which uses a combination of online training videos supplemented by live coaching.

Yes. We offer one-on-one coaching when it is the right fit for our clients.

When you go through any of the Topaz training programs, you will be provided with a comprehensive workbook (when applicable), tools, templates and other resources for your use. During live coaching sessions, along with role-plays are specific client needs, tools and templates are customized according to our client’s specific needs.

Absolutely. Whether you are a new sales manager, or you’ve been leading a team of salespeople for years, we will help you become more effective at coaching, motivating, developing your salespeople, recruiting, and holding your people accountable. A strong sales leader is the best investment your company can make if you want to achieve your sales goals.

The sales leadership role is arguably the second most critical role in the company as sales is the lifeline of the business. What you will learn in the Topaz Sales Leadership training will not only transform how you lead your team to grow sales and profits, but the impact of what you will learn will have a positive, transformational effect on all your relationships.