Client Testimonials

When you have a transformational effect on someone beyond what they expect, they want to tell others. Here is what our clients are saying about us.

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"We have been in business for over 25 years and we have wasted a lot of time and money hiring the wrong person. Metahire will help any company make the right hire instead of the wrong hire. Going forward we will follow the process."
Bill Doane
Computer Geeks
"Lenn has been making substantial progress with our team. Our Director of Sales and I have enjoyed working with him during our Sales Leadership Training. We've made some tough changes using the Topaz training programs to develop our entire team, and I see our progression daily. Lenn has been a great mentor, and his communication is top-notch."
Roy Richards
OnePointe Solutions
"I started a business that involves more sales skills/knowledge than I have. Plus, having a background in a CPA firm and banking - I needed help. Topaz in a short time gave me a healthy approach and understanding of how to build relationships, ask good questions, discover the needs, and work towards a solution."
Kevin Pate
C12 Forums
"I have been impressed with the Topaz methodology and approach. It's a powerful combination of course material and discussion of real world examples."
Mike Haney
Athens Group
"Topaz has provided our team with invaluable sales and sales leadership training and coaching that has been an integral part of our successful expansion into new markets."
Manuel Azuara
Bridgepoint Consulting
"Despite having developed our business for over 30 plus years, I find each Topaz coaching and training session introduced to us full of new concepts and skills."
Chuck Steege
SFG Wealth Planning Services
"Fantastic sessions. I have learned so much from our time together. Thank you for leading us through this Jorge!"
Maureen Quirk
Chief Outsiders
“If you’re truly looking to build an effective outside sales and biz-dev team, Jorge is the guide you’ve been looking for.”
Matthew Brennan
ProLift Rigging
"Very informative and unique process! Thoroughly enjoyed it!"
Joshua Lappin
Computer Geeks
"Together we have transformed my sales team in ways that have allowed me to improve my company, improve the careers of those I work with, and provide a better service to our clients."
Dauphin Ewart
The Bug Master
"The Buyer Facilitator training is a great combination of content, practice, tests and coaching. Very effective."
Jim Morgan
C12 Forums
"Great job easing us into the BF process and getting a "sales process skeptic" very comfortably engaged. Thanks for a great experience."
Dany Sfeir
Chief Outsiders
"I was SO new to sales training and had no experience in sales prior to this training. I believe the BF training set the foundation for success in all future endeavors that I have related to sales."
Jordan Villella
SFG Wealth Planning Services
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"The Metahire training was pivotal to interviewing and ultimately why I received offers. I have no doubt that this created differentiation between me and the other candidates they were talking to. They remarked that it was clear that I could teach them a lot."
Chris Sherry
Sales Candidate
"The Topaz Sales Process is transformative. We are all so appreciative of you."
Phyllis Snodgrass
C12 Forums
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Rich Speeney

Presto Tape

"The Topaz methodology of human interaction has become DNA in our business mindset, be it internal interactions or external."
Rick Kabra
"Thank you, thank you – your training is outstanding. I learned so much from these sessions."
Gayle Bock
Chief Outsiders
"Topaz Sales Consulting brilliantly helped our small but mighty business take an honest look in the mirror to hone our system and sales skills. All about positive change, this program honors both the sales associate and the prospect. Check it out, the results are worth it!"
Sheri Walsh
Academy of Hair Design
"Working with Topaz has brought new life to our company. They helped us create a strategic sales process while giving us the tools we needed to have directed conversations with prospective clients to discover their true needs and pain points."
Mike Maresh
CapTrust Advisors
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"We chose to work with Topaz Sales Consulting based on their company values and the quality of their team. We believed in their hiring system and followed their lead throughout the engagement."
Colter Kaspar
"Jorge has been an expectional resource for us at Bridgepoint and we consider him a friend and an integral part of our internal leadership team. We've grown substantially over the last few years and since connecting with Jorge we've been able to sustain that growth with his direct guidance on adding to and enhancing our business development team."
Vince Trevino
Bridgepoint Consulting
"The Buyer Facilitator blended learning experience has provided an optimal learning environment."
Wesley Dameron
C12 Forums
"The Buyer Facilitator process and training has transformed just about every conversation I have. I can't think of another training that has had a more profound effect on my life going forward. I wish I would have learned this process sooner."
Kirt Boudreau
C12 Forums
"Several team members suggested that we incorporate the Topaz approach into Salesforce."
Mary Jo Eldridge
ECS Learning Systems
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"They understand the sales process on a level that few do. If you need to hire "closers" or "A-Players," then you should use the Topaz Sales Hiring System."
Scott Baker
American Home Buyer
"Each member of our team, from the most experienced to those starting out, gained so much knowledge. Jorge is so knowledgeable and there's no situation he can't navigate in the most professional and compassionate way."
Jill Skinner
Make-A-Wish Central Texas
"I have found my time spent working together with Topaz is beneficial to everyone at Southern Corrosion and has resulted in greater sales, fewer proposals, and higher close rates."
Jim Skilton
Southern Corrosion
"It was clear from my first meeting, Jorge knows more about the sale process than anyone I have ever met."
Dennis Henegar
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"Topaz Sales Consulting helped us to completely revamp our sales hiring process. Their values and devotion to our success is unmatched."
Jacob Rodriguez
"If I had known there was an organization that used a sales process like this, I would have gotten into sales a long time ago. It fits my mindset and beliefs."
Trent Turner
Bridgepoint Consulting
"As a Regional Manager, I have learned about my current leadership patterns and how to continue improving in the areas of sales, management, and my own personal and professional development."
Colleen Paap
Let's Play Sports
"They will teach you how to have easy conversations that will help prospects buy your products and services and makes sales fun again!"
Cassandra Laymon
Beacon Wealth
"I have grown increasingly comfortable handling sales and I have also noted a significant increase in customer satisfaction among my clients."
Soraya Gallegos Landry
Landry Team Real Estate
"Unlike many consultants, the Topaz perspective is pragmatic, realistic, and results-oriented."
Gary Stockman
Chief Outsiders
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"Using this method for hiring top talent salespeople has been a game changer for our organization."
Mika Self
American Home Buyer
"Topaz sales training has been extremely useful for me both personally and professionally. Jorge understands the broader company goals and expectations, but he also works with individual team members' strengths and gaps. Bonus: he always has a smile on his face. I'm a better person because of Jorge. I highly recommend this service."
Sophia Shivamurthy
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"By using the Topaz sales hiring program, Metahire, my team learned how to cut our hiring time in half without sacrificing quality. I have spent 3 years studying the best hiring methodologies including those used at the CIA and I can say that Metahire is the absolute champion."
Gary Archer
Let's Play Sports
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"I appreciated the process so much that we have implemented the format for other open positions at Noren and found it to be very productive, efficient, and successful."
Cheryl Webster
Noren Thermal Solutions
"He has transformed us into a process-driven sales group that all speak the same language."
Tommy Hannan
Bridgepoint Consulting
"We needed more customer engagement and pipeline management. Through his sales boot camps, Jorge was instrumental in getting our sales reps to think about their purpose in sales and overcoming their fears."
Brian Sutton
Austin Freight Systems

Chris Wise

C12 Forums

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"I am so glad to use the Metahire process, it has saved us from making offers to multiple candidates who wold not have been a good fit at our company."
Bill Tierney
ProLift Rigging
"I thoroughly enjoy your coaching and the content. I can't tell you how much more I feel like I'm in the driver's seat now. I appreciate all the interaction. My only wish is that I had this training years ago. I'm learning so much as I go from BF to BFF with my prospects using the Buyer Facilitator approach to selling!"
Erika Rosenthal
Chief Outsiders
"Jorge demystifies sales and reframes relationships from 'selling' to customer support. He energized our crew and gave them confidence, while building a sense of accountability that is empowering instead of threatening."
Kathrin Brewer
Make-A-Wish Central Texas
"Whether you are a newbie to sales and business development like myself, or an experienced professional, you will benefit from Jorge's experience and coaching!"
Steph McNelis
Bridgepoint Consulting
"Jorge and his team at Topaz Sales Consulting provided my team with the tools they needed in order to thrive. The results speak for themselves as we were recognized by the Austin Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in Central Texas. Highly recommend."
Bill Thomas
Sedera Health
"This course doesn't teach you to 'sell'. It teachs you how to shift your mind so that you can understand why people want to 'buy'. That's made all the difference."
Charles Eapen
C12 Forums
"The sales approach is drastically different from our previous methods and have greatly improved my professional (and personal) approach to communicating and interacting with potential clients and everyday people. If you are looking at improving your sales philosophy, Topaz is the way to go. 100% recommend.
Ross Owens
Athens Group
"Buyer Facilitator training creates a framework to build lasting, mutually beneficial, trusting relationships with clients and prospective clients."
Corinna Garis
SFG Wealth Planning Services
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"This program has increased my confidence that we will not repeat past hiring mistakes."
Deborah Ceglarski
"Jorge, your presentation was killer. You really know what you are doing!"
Steve Van Ooteghem
C12 Forums
"Topaz has delivered to us an outstanding product and changed our culture of 'show up and throw up' to 'uncovering pain' and getting the customer to where they want to be. Jorge is committed to success and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you and your company are successful. Not a better guy at what he does!"
Mark Patterson
Animal Supply Company
"Joe shared that this was in the top 3 training classes he has attended and Joe is a 35 year veteran in our industry."
Burney Carraway
Carraway Business Solutions
"Buyer Facilitator is a learning experience, not just once, but continually."
Johnny Flores
The Bug Master
"Jorge's expertise and personalized advice is extremely beneficial for anyone looking to take the next step toward sales excellence."
Jake Preston
Beacon Wealth
"Jorge, you set a high bar!"
Mike Stanley
C12 Forums

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