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Uncommon Solutions

Uncommon Solutions is a unique Microsoft Solutions Partner that excels not only in IT expertise but in human connections. They pride themselves on their team of IT professionals who are not only technically adept but are exceptional in customer interactions, bringing a compassionate and calming presence to every situation. With a philosophy centered on collaboration, courage, and trust, Uncommon Solutions goes beyond typical consultancy to offer relationships that transcend mere business interactions. Their commitment is to deliver a remarkably human approach to solving technology challenges, deeply caring for their clients, partners, and each other.


Diverse Methodologies

Previously experimenting with various sales methodologies left the team with disjointed practices and an unclear strategy, undermining efficiency and coherence in sales approaches.

Lack of Unified Sales Language

The absence of a common sales language created inconsistency in sales approaches and decision-making, making it challenging to align on strategic actions during sales opportunities.

Skepticism Toward New Training

Having been let down by multiple training methodologies, the team was skeptical and hesitant about adopting yet another new system.


Holistic Training Integration

Topaz Sales Consulting tailored a comprehensive solution that merged technology-enhanced learning, skills assessments, personality testing, and AI-driven analytics with the essential element of live coaching. This blend ensured that learning was effective, efficient, and engaging, filling knowledge gaps and translating learning into actionable skills. This approach enabled Uncommon Solutions to maintain a balance between innovative training tools and the indispensable human touch that is core to their philosophy.

Establishment of a Common Sales Language

The Buyer Facilitator sales training program equipped every sales team member with a unified framework and language for sales success. This common language and process streamlined decision-making and made sales meetings more objective, focusing on clearly defined steps and strategies rather than subjective interpretations of sales tactics.

Overcoming Training Skepticism

Topaz successfully addressed the team’s initial skepticism by demonstrating the tangible benefits of their training systems and the solid rationale behind each strategy. The training was grounded in integrity and professionalism, which aligned well with Uncommon Solutions’ values of trust and deep client relationships, thus fostering buy-in and enthusiasm among the team members.

"Topaz does a great job explaining the 'why' behind the 'what' you must do to be grounded in integrity, not tactics."

Brad Leiby
CEO|Practice Manager

"Brad and his team brought energy and a desire to learn to every session."

Rich Maynard
Topaz Sales Coach
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The transformation in Uncommon Solutions’ sales team post-sales training has been significant. There is now a solid alignment within the team, with all members using their new term of a shared “Topazian” strategy in their sales approach, leading to more decisive and unified action during sales opportunities.

Introducing a common sales language and process has improved operational efficiency and enhanced the team’s ability to engage and succeed in sales situations, reflecting a professional and integrity-based approach.

As a result, Uncommon Solutions has strengthened its capacity to build and maintain strong, trust-based relationships with clients, further solidifying its unique position in the market.