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Sales Training Equips Soccer Club to Beat Pre-Pandemic Annual Revenue by $600,000

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Let's Play Sports

The Let’s Play Sports soccer club was founded in 1987 by a group of inclusive and competitive people committed to helping others create meaningful relationships through the shared passion for playing soccer. They cater to soccer enthusiasts by providing top-notch indoor soccer facilities across multiple states including Colorado, Texas, and California. Let’s Play focuses on building community and competitive spirit through soccer, handling everything from facility management to refereeing and league administration. As they expand into new regions, maintaining high-quality service and customer relationships is paramount for their continued success.


Inadequate Hiring Processes

Let’s Play Sports struggled to hire sales staff with the necessary skills, which hampered their operational effectiveness and growth potential. The existing hiring system was slow and often missed crucial sales expertise.

Inconsistent Sales Training

The sales teams lacked uniform training across states, resulting in uneven sales performance and customer engagement, impacting overall business growth.

Pandemic Disruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a temporary closure of facilities, halting the immediate implementation and benefits of newly introduced sales strategies, which delayed potential sales and customer retention improvements.


Topaz Sales Consulting introduced a multi-faceted approach to overhaul Let’s Play Sports’ sales dynamics.

Comprehensive Sales and Leadership Training

We launched an extensive training program for all managerial levels to enhance leadership and accountability. The training was conducted online through our Learning Management System (LMS) to accommodate different time zones and live to foster real-time learning and adaptability.

Enhanced Sales Hiring System

Our Metahire Sales Hiring System was implemented to streamline the recruitment process. It significantly reduced hiring times and improved the quality of new hires by focusing on key sales and operational competencies.

Buyer Facilitator Sales Training

We focused on transforming the sales approach to be less outcome-driven and more customer-focused. Sales teams learned to uncover customer needs effectively through enhanced questioning techniques and active listening, ensuring communication was consultative rather than transactional.

Role-Playing and Scenario Practice

Regular role-play sessions and scenario practices were introduced to cement the new sales techniques. These exercises were crucial in helping sales reps better connect with prospects, positioning them as trusted advisors rather than just salespeople.

"All of the Topaz products are superior to anything I have seen because they focus on the person and not the process.”

Gary Archer
President & CEO

The way Let's Play embodies our sales and hiring processes is impressive."

Jorge Chavez
Topaz President
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Despite initial setbacks due to the pandemic, implementing Topaz’s solutions led to remarkable outcomes.

Upon reopening, Let’s Play Sports recovered and significantly surpassed pre-pandemic sales figures, achieving over $600,000 in additional revenue. Their customer retention rate soared to 90%, well above the industry average of 50%.

This success was mirrored in record-breaking years for nine of their locations, demonstrating the effectiveness of the revamped sales and hiring strategies. The team is better equipped to expand into new markets, ensuring sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.