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Topaz Helps Water Tank Maintenance Company Overcome Sales and Hiring Challenges

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Southern Corrosion

Southern Corrosion, Inc. is a leader in water tank maintenance programs in the US Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Their long-term maintenance services help prolong the life of water tanks for municipalities and public water suppliers, keeping costs low and durability high. They aim to be the preferred water tank maintenance provider in each geographic region where they operate by providing high-quality services and making clients feel like family. 


Hiring Out of Network

Having exhausted its network of acquaintances, friends, and family, Southern Corrosion faced significant challenges in finding qualified new hires, which hindered its expansion efforts.

Unqualified Proposals

The pressure to meet quotas led to a rush in proposal submissions without a thorough understanding of customer needs, resulting in lower conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Stagnant Sales Processes

Southern Corrosion was operating with an outdated sales approach that hindered its growth and market expansion potential.


Revamping Sales Approaches

Topaz Sales Consulting introduced the Buyer Facilitator model at Southern Corrosion’s annual meeting. This involved personalized training for each of the eight sales team members, focusing on their strengths and improvement areas. This model shifted their sales strategy from a transactional approach to one centered on cultivating long-term customer relationships.

Comprehensive Training and Support

After the initial training, Topaz implemented ongoing one-on-one coaching and support for each salesperson. This included regular reviews of sales challenges and opportunities, practical advice for enhancing sales tactics, and tools to ensure successful customer interactions. Additionally, Topaz spearheaded regular sales and leadership meetings to maintain alignment and focus on the company’s strategic goals.

Structured Recruitment and Development

With Topaz’s Metahire sales hiring system, Southern Corrosion refined its hiring practices to attract and onboard skilled and culturally fit sales personnel. This strategic hiring process was crucial as the company expanded its market presence.

Enhancing Proposal Quality

Topaz worked with the sales team to refine their proposal development process. This ensured that each proposal was tailored to the specific needs of the customer, thereby increasing the likelihood of winning contracts and enhancing customer satisfaction.

“I can't imagine any company not being able to derive benefit from Topaz's services."

Jim Skilton

"Jim runs a first class business with integrity and compassion."

Jorge Chavez
Topaz President
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The collaboration with Topaz Sales Consulting led to remarkable improvements in Southern Corrosion’s performance metrics. By the end of 2021, their close rates had increased from 55.5% to an impressive 82.5%. This represents a 48.65% improvement in just three years, alongside a 125% increase in annual sales.

These enhancements have sustained into 2024, with close rates consistently high and new sales continuing to grow, demonstrating the lasting impact of effective sales training, strategic leadership development, and enhanced hiring practices.