One-on-One Leadership and Sales Coaching Drives 125% Growth in Sales for Water Tank Maintenance Company

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About Southern Corrosion

Southern Corrosion, Inc. is a leader in water tank maintenance programs in the US Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Their long-term maintenance services help prolong the life of water tanks for municipalities and public water suppliers, keeping costs low and durability high. They aim to be the preferred water tank maintenance provider in each geographic region where they operate by providing high-quality services and making clients feel like part of their family. 

How They Chose Topaz

Jim Skilton, President of Southern Corrosion, was introduced to Jorge through a sales workshop in Wilson, North Carolina, in 2018. At the time, he didn’t even recognize there might be a need to refine and reshape his company’s sales process until he heard Jorge’s unique perspective on the subject. Jim was so convinced by what he heard that he immediately arranged for Jorge to present at Southern Corrosion’s annual meeting in January of 2019 to their team of 8 salespeople. 

Before the annual meeting, each salesperson completed a sales evaluation to determine their sales potential.  During the annual meeting, Jorge conducted one-on-one training sessions with each salesperson to help them understand their sales competency and where there was room for improvement in how they did business. He identified their strengths and weaknesses throughout the sales process and then determined the most effective strategies to overcome whatever obstacles they were facing. 


Since the Annual Meeting

  • Each salesperson was trained to be a Buyer Facilitator, focusing on developing long-term relationships with customers
  • For every person on the sales team, we offered 1:1 sales training and coaching, including reviewing sales challenges and opportunities, offering tips and suggestions for better results, and equipping them for success
  • Topaz led recurring sales team meetings addressing national sales challenges and opportunities
  • Hosted routine Sales Leadership meetings with the CEO to review the health of the business, people, and profits
  • Their team is growing and using Topaz’s Metahire sales hiring training to ensure they hire the right people as they increase their presence in their key markets

Closing Rates Rising

From year-end 2018 to year-end 2021, Southern Corrosion’s close rates climbed from 55.5% to over 82.5%, a 48.65% increase in just three years. Annual sales increased by over 125% in that period, leading to even more substantial growth so far in 2022. As of July 2022, Southern Corrosion’s close rate remains high at 79.1%, and their new sales within just the first seven months of the year are 81% higher than the same seven-month period in 2021.  

Hear from Southern Corrosion

“I can’t imagine any company not being able to derive benefit from Topaz’s services and see no end to our continued ongoing relationship with Topaz.”

-Jim Skilton — President, Southern Corrosion

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