Fast Track Your Sales Hiring & Get Right to Top Performers

Whatever your industry, pandemic-driven change has certainly touched your business.

As you strategize for tomorrow, rethinking work and your company’s hiring processes and procedures going forward, make sure to include room for innovative thinking and a clear strategy for hiring top sales performers who will thrive and succeed at your company.

Companies have hiring challenges to solve and talent acquisition strategies to build. When facing changes ahead, leadership must continue to embrace solutions to implement a better culture of hiring. But how do we take this concept into reality?

Attract a Large Candidate Pool

Promote job openings everywhere. Look to trusted partnerships and leverage resources like LinkedIn (company page and employee’s personal pages, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Company webpage, Hiring events, skywriting (okay, that’s extreme). The idea is to get creative!

Contact and Communication

For every hire at a large company, an average of no less than 94 candidates can be needed to get there. Each candidate is your potential top performer. Don’t lose them. Rely on a fluid, interactive sales hiring process with tools available to attract candidates, schedule interviews, run some assessments and, and even conduct the interviews themselves, as is possible with the Metahire Sales Hiring System.

It’s crucial that we use these tools wisely. How we communicate and keep in contact is important. It’s vital to maintain a cadence of frequent contacts to keep the candidate engaged and moving through the hiring journey.

Scoring System

Better analyze candidates by using tools to objectively evaluate candidates. Use a scoring system at each step of the hiring process to quickly compare candidates against your ideals. If the candidate meets your criteria keep up the pace and continue moving them through your process. Time is of the essence to get to the job offer. But at the same time it’s a delicate balance, quality is also important and we want to hire right.


With so much preliminary information already gathered, this can be a time to truly get a sense of the candidate and let the candidate get a sense of the job and your company. Over the course of multiple interviews, use a precise list of interview questions to learn about the candidate. This organized approach also allows them time to ask plenty of questions as well.

In the sales hiring process, a majority of interviews can be conducted remotely saving time and allowing you to quickly process candidates. A remote interview can help the candidate feel like they’re being respected — and how they’re experiencing the hiring process matters as much as whether or not they ultimately get the job.

Remote Hiring

Remote hiring is not going away. As with remote working, remote hiring doesn’t diminish how we engage with one another but shifts it. Using innovative tools means that we can quickly take care of much of the guesswork of the hiring process, use comparison data that helps make better hiring decisions, and, ultimately, interact with more focus and engagement.

By adopting key strategies in your sales hiring process, you can lift the burden on traditionally overburdened hiring teams. It enables the same experience to each candidate, whether hiring for an individual sales role or at scale with a Sales Manager and expanded sales team. The quality of interactions is consistent, responses are timely and the overall candidate experience is a net positive, paving the way for great hires.

Topaz is changing the way the world perceives, values, hires, and trains salespeople.

We transform not only how people sell, hire, and manage salespeople, but also how they build relationships with others.  Many of our clients tell us how they use the skills they have learned through our training and coaching to improve how they communicate with their family and friends, and the positive impact it has had on all their relationships.

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