Scary Salespeople

There’s a reason why people don’t want to go into sales.  Sales is a high-paying profession when you’re good. However, the perception of what it requires is all wrong.

There’s an assumption you have to convince, tell, and live in a world of pressure. Few people want this as a career. In general, the perception of sales is negative.

Buyers don’t like salespeople because they’re tactical. Buyers don’t always know what problem they need to solve. Good salespeople remain infinitely curious by asking questions to help uncover their prospect’s problem.

What if the perception of sales as a profession could be different?  The change from selling people what they don’t need to helping them buy what they do makes all the difference.  There wouldn’t be as many open sales jobs as there are.  Companies wouldn’t be struggling to fill their sales roles.

Do your part by adopting infinite curiosity as your sixth sense, change the pitch and tell a narrative, and positively affect the way people see salespeople.

Topaz is changing the way the world perceives, values, hires, and trains salespeople.

We transform not only how people sell, hire, and manage salespeople, but also how they build relationships with others.  Many of our clients tell us how they use the skills they have learned through our training and coaching to improve how they communicate with their family and friends, and the positive impact it has had on all their relationships.

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