Can You Let a Prospect Go?

There are times when disqualifying a prospect can be as valuable, if not more so, than qualifying a prospect.

Disqualifying a prospect at the right time in a discovery cycle within your sales process opens up some unexpected opportunities.

When you ask the right questions in discovery to get at the root of your prospect’s truth and what drives them, it’s much easier to determine if there’s a good fit.

It is much more effective than pressing them to say yes, or spending your time driving home features and benefits you haven’t discovered they care about.

If there isn’t a good fit, and you disqualify a prospect early in the process, everyone wins!  Your time is saved, as is the time of your prospect.  They can move on with their lives.  You can redirect the time you’ve won back to laser target your outreach and build relationships with people who are a better fit.

As salespeople, we fear hearing no. We fear disqualifying someone even more.

What if we shifted that mindset to see the value that both scenarios, qualifying and disqualifying a prospect, provides us?

Topaz is changing the way the world perceives, values, hires, and trains salespeople.

We transform not only how people sell, hire, and manage salespeople, but also how they build relationships with others.  Many of our clients tell us how they use the skills they have learned through our training and coaching to improve how they communicate with their family and friends, and the positive impact it has had on all their relationships.

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