Just Because You Want a Proposal

Importance of Pre-Qualification

Gather essential information before drafting a proposal. This step is crucial to determining whether the potential project is a viable match for their services. By ensuring all necessary details are provided, you can create an accurate and tailored proposal rather than wasting resources on a potentially unfruitful engagement.

Concerns about Proposal Requests

Be aware of some requests for proposals (RFPs), which may not be genuine but rather a tactic employed by clients to gather multiple submissions, possibly due to policy requirements to collect a set number of proposals. This skepticism is driven by the possibility that such requests could also come from competitors disguising themselves as potential clients to gain industry insights.

Risks of Unscreened Proposals

Jorge warns against the common sales practice of indiscriminately sending out proposals. Without proper vetting, there’s a risk of providing valuable business information to competitors. This underscores the need for a strategic approach to handling proposal requests, emphasizing the necessity of qualifying questions to screen the intent and legitimacy of every inquiry.

Strategic Proposal Submission

Jorge advocates for a selective and strategic approach to proposal submissions, asserting the importance of discretion and suggesting that not all requests should be automatically fulfilled. This approach aims to protect business interests and focus efforts on serious and beneficial engagements.

Actionable Advice

  • Implement a Qualification Process: Develop a set of qualifying questions to ascertain the seriousness and legitimacy of a proposal request. This helps in identifying genuine opportunities and screening out potentially harmful requests.
  • Educate Sales Teams: Sales teams should be trained on the risks of unscreened proposals and the benefits of a more discerning approach to proposal submissions. This education should focus on protecting proprietary information and prioritizing high-potential leads.
  • Adopt a Policy for Proposal Requests: Consider establishing a company policy that mandates gathering specific information before a proposal is drafted. This could include details about the project scope, budget, timeline, and the client’s decision-making process.

This structured approach not only enhances the efficiency of the sales process but also safeguards the business against potential misuse of its resources.

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