The Need to Be Liked

Overcoming Fear of Dislike in Sales

This soundbite addresses a common issue in sales where salespeople often avoid being assertive with prospects due to a fear of being disliked. This fear is highlighted as a detrimental, limiting belief because it prevents salespeople from asking critical questions necessary for advancing a sale.

Importance of Asking the Right Questions

Rich Maynard, Topaz Sales Coach, emphasizes the importance of finding a comfortable way to ask probing questions without jeopardizing the prospect’s comfort or the sales relationship. A suggested approach is to acknowledge the personal nature of certain topics and seek permission to discuss them further, ensuring clarity in communication. For example, a salesperson might say, “Hey, sometimes these topics get kind of personal. Is it okay if we go down this path together?” This strategy ensures that both parties are comfortable and willing to engage in more profound discussions, thereby fostering a clearer and more effective communication channel.

The overall message encourages salespeople to find a balance between being likable and assertive. It suggests that salespeople should remain true to their authentic style while ensuring clear and effective communication to understand and address the prospect’s concerns.

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