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Eliminating Try in Your Sales Calls

Successful sales professionals understand the importance of maintaining control of the sales process and the significance of clear commitments. This article explores a conversation from a sales coaching call that highlights the detrimental impact of the word “try” and the value of cultivating decisiveness in sales calls. Drawing inspiration from a Star Wars reference and emphasizing the need for commitment, the discussion provides valuable insights for refining sales skills and achieving better outcomes.

Eliminating Try and Embracing Commitment

The conversation begins with an exercise involving a pen to illustrate that there is no such thing as “trying.” Jorge Chavez of Topaz Sales Consulting asserts that “try” is a wasteful and non-committal term hindering progress. Instead, individuals are encouraged to either do something or not do it. In the context of sales, accepting “try” as an answer may lead to ambiguity and delays, potentially affecting the overall effectiveness of the sales process.

The Yoda Principle and Commitment

A Star Wars fan among the participants relates the discussion to Yoda’s famous saying, “Do or do not. There is no try.” This reference reinforces the notion that commitment is essential and resonates with personal experiences, as the speaker’s children have tattooed these words on themselves. The analogy emphasizes the value of wholehearted commitment in sales, urging sales professionals to adopt a decisive mindset and eliminate any inclination towards ambiguity.

Refining Sales Skills and Expectations

Jorge acknowledges the salesperson’s existing strengths but emphasizes the importance of refinement to achieve Yoda-like sales skills. The goal is to be trustworthy, curious, and superior to competitors while incorporating the element of decisive commitment into every sales conversation. By integrating this mindset, sales professionals can significantly enhance their effectiveness and foster trust with potential buyers.

The conversation highlights the necessity of ending every meeting or interaction with a commitment to a specific next step. This involves scheduling a time and ensuring it is on both parties’ calendars. The speaker emphasizes setting clear next steps, saving valuable time, and maintaining a sense of predictability and accountability. Furthermore, the importance of qualifying the commitment level of potential buyers is underscored, ensuring that they demonstrate decisiveness and a genuine willingness to engage.

Expectations and Time Management

In the sales world, the expectation is clear: commitments are honored, and people show up as scheduled. The article emphasizes that sales professionals should hold themselves to this standard and expect the same level of commitment from potential buyers. Those who are indecisive or unwilling to commit are considered disqualifiers, as valuing one’s time and setting high standards contribute to building solid and reliable relationships.

The coaching call conversation sheds light on the detrimental impact of the word “try” and the importance of cultivating decisive commitment in sales interactions. By eliminating ambiguity and setting clear next steps, sales professionals can enhance their effectiveness, foster trust, and create a culture of reliability and accountability. Embracing a Yoda-like mindset of “do or do not” empowers sales professionals to refine their skills and achieve exceptional outcomes in their sales endeavors.

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