Sales Training To Grow Your Insurance Business

Customers choose insurance providers based on trust, but trust is hard to build if your sales team is missing the mark during the sales process. If your salespeople are focused on transactional sales, don’t build long-term relationships, and continue to implement outdated and ineffective tactics, your insurance business will struggle to grow.  

There’s a new way of doing things.

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Build an ideal team

Attracting, screening, and hiring top performers is challenging.  In a competitive job market, the Metahire Sale Hiring System helps you quickly identify and hire ideal candidates before your competitor.

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Improve sales skills

The Buyer Facilitator sales training is an easy-to-follow sales process that will differentiate your company from your competitors and improve your close ratio and profit margins.

Exceed revenue goals

Sales Leadership training develops the leadership skills needed to help top sales performers successfully transition into and perform Sales Management and leadership roles.

Set Your Insurance Business Apart

Modernize Your Sales and Hiring Approaches to Beat Out the Competition

The Insurance industry is known for using old-school sales methods to acquire new business, but modern-day consumers are catching on. To remain competitive in an overcrowded market, Insurance companies need to hire the best possible sales talent and develop a strong sales process to deliver seamless, memorable, and top-tier customer experiences — but it takes investment, commitment, and time. 

Sales Hiring Challenges

  • Filling large talent and skills gap (with large group facing retirement in next 15 yrs.  and also the great resignation)
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Retaining employees for a long time, resulting in too much turnover

Sales Training Challenges

  • Developing consumer trust
  • Combating negative perceived value of products and services
  • Maintaining/Getting Renewal business
  • Acquiring new leads
  • Managing customer expectations

Leadership Challenges

  • Adapting to change (technology, expectations, office vs. WFH)
  • Attempting to do too many things at once — owner/agent wears too many hats
  • Motivating unmotivated employees

When you work with Topaz, we equip you with the tools, best practices, and skills necessary to hire top talent with confidence. With our training and guidance, your insurance company will be able to lead lead, communicate, and close deals with sustained long-term success.

Rising above your competition takes dedication and a solid team — we’re here to help business owners sell more, hire better, and responsibly lead high-performing sales teams.

Ready to Face Your Challenges?

Build Your Insurance Sales Machine

Get blended learning, proprietary tools, and live coaching

25+ Hours of Video Training on-demand

One-on-One and Group Zoom Coaching Sessions

Access Sales Tools & Downloadable Resources

Real time Progress Tracking and Reporting

Interactive Sales Challenges and Quizzes

Sales Assessments & Evaluations

Find and hire great employees. Improve your sales performance. Master your leadership skills.
“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the services Topaz provided our company. Their expertise and knowledge were incredibly helpful in hiring our new Sales Director. The communication was organized, succinct, and relevant at all times.”
Brad Worley
CEO, Bixby Zane

Insurance Clients

Solving Insurance Challenges One Training Session at a Time

Our team has extensive experience working with Insurance companis to address their greatest sales hiring and sales challenges. Our proven process is tailored to your team’s unique needs to help you achieve your goals. See how we’ve helped other organizations in your industry below.

BE Employer Solutions

Insurance Company
Austin, TX

BE Employer Solutions aims to be more than just your insurance agent. They believe all clients bring value and deserve value in return and when properly safeguarded, people and businesses are better able to prosper and grow.


Insurance Company
Germantown, TN

BenefitHelp brings a menu of innovative solutions to help employers control costs and achieve a healthier, happier, more productive workforce.

Bixby Zane

Insurance Broker
Austin, TX

A PEO Insurance Broker provides professional employee organization services to the states of California, Florida, and Texas.

JT Bates Insurance Group

Insurance Company
Georgetown, TX

JT Bates specializes in heavy equipment coverage for dealers and renters.

Marsh Wortham Insurance

Insurance Company
Houston, TX

Built on the foundation of two leading professional firms, Marsh Wortham brings clients a singular focus of local service backed by global resources.

Three Ways to Learn More

Five Non-Negotiable Sales Hiring Practices

What’s the more important skill to search for in sales candidates – product, service and industry expertise or sales skills? 

Read a Case Study

By emphasizing the customer’s needs and implementing a sales process attractive to modern-day consumers, the team at BE Employer Solutions closes more sales and builds trust with existing clients increasing their referral business.

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Can you imagine a world in which salespeople were a joy to be around, where they brought  you high value and helped you make better decisions?  Topaz can, and that’s why we do what we do.