Referrals Roll in for Insurance Client after Sales Training

About BE Employer Solutions

BE Employer Solutions provides insurance coverage and works to understand each of its clients’ unique needs to provide tailored solutions. They believe that when businesses and individuals are adequately safeguarded, they can prosper and grow. So, their goal is to be more than just an insurance agent to their clients — instead, they want to be a trusted lifelong partner who provides comprehensive protection and guidance to clients and their families throughout their lives. With over 50 years of experience, BE Employer Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to help its clients make the best insurance decisions.

Sales and Training Without Direction

Before working with Topaz, Nora Ellis — the Owner of BE Employer Solutions — was treading water with her sales, recruitment, and training processes (or lack thereof). As her business slowly grew, she recognized that without a dedicated strategy, she would struggle to hire solid insurance agents and convert new customers. 

“My way of shooting from the hip certainly was not duplicatable.”

Most Significant Challenges

  • Not asking the right questions
  • Mistiming her closing attempts
  • Not aligning with customers on their expectations
  • Spending too much time on the wrong prospects
  • Not customizing her sales delivery

It was clear Nora needed to refresh and revamp her sales and recruitment processes, so she approached our team looking for an all-in-one solution to help take her business to the next level. We delivered results through both one-on-one coaching with Jorge and our Topaz Buyer Facilitator training; keep reading to learn how. 

“I chose Topaz because Jorge just has a way of communicating…he’s patient…you know, I didn’t ever feel rushed. Certainly, the fact that he was a believer had a heavy, heavy weight over anything else I was considering.”

Finding Their Direction

Once onboarded with our team, we provided Nora access to our Buyer Facilitator by Topaz online Learning Management System. She went through our comprehensive video sales training program which dives deep into the psychological elements of buyer behavior and relationship management. In our one-on-one sales coaching that supplements online learning, we developed educational materials that Nora could use with her team and implement immediately. These tools reframed how she and her team approached their sales process from end to end. Topaz also provided sales hiring training and developed tools to improve their hiring and new hire onboarding.

“At the time, the learning management system was incredibly helpful. I think it was extremely well done…informative and simple, but really, really effective. I filled up a whole notebook with stuff I could go back and use.”

We answered Nora’s questions about managing client expectations and worked hand-in-hand with her to help outline a sales roadmap for her and the rest of her insurance agent team moving forward. The results she’s experienced have been fantastic!

Raking in Referrals

While Nora admits her results aren’t super measured, she’s noticed a dramatic increase in the number of new insurance prospects she’s converted into paying customers. She’s comfortable asking for agreements earlier in the sales process to lock in contracts and sets much clearer expectations throughout the process to ensure a seamless start-to-finish experience. 

“I make sure that we’re in the same place, am setting ground rules, and getting those upfront agreements so that my clients know where we’re going next.”

Simultaneously, she’s seen an uptick in the volume of referral business she receives from her existing clients, highlighting how critical her relationship management skills have been in helping her business and bottom line grow. By leveling up the quality of her communication, expectation management, and overall service level, her clients have been far more likely to introduce their colleagues, friends, and family to BE Employer Solutions through referral business. 

“I know more about where I’m at in the process based on this, I’m better at asking questions, better at spending less time giving information, and way better at getting my information up front to make sure I’m customizing my delivery. “

-Nora Ellis, Owner @ BE Employer Solutions

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