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Referrals Roll in for Insurance Firm After Sales Training

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BE Employer Solutions

BE Employer Solutions specializes in providing personalized insurance coverage, serving clients as a trusted partner rather than just an insurance agent. With a heritage spanning over five decades, their deep industry expertise ensures clients receive optimal insurance solutions, enabling growth and prosperity for businesses and individuals alike. The firm champions a proactive approach, prioritizing comprehensive protection and enduring guidance throughout the lifespan of their client relationships.


Unclear Strategies

Nora Ellis, the owner, struggled with an undefined sales and recruitment strategy, which hindered the company’s growth and led to inconsistent hiring and customer conversion rates.

Futile Questioning & Closing

The sales team often failed to ask the right questions and mistimed their closing attempts, which led to misalignment with customer expectations and unsuccessful conversions.

Resource Misallocation

Excessive time was spent on unqualified prospects, and the team’s lack of customized sales delivery further complicated their ability to close deals effectively.


Comprehensive Sales Training and Coaching

Topaz introduced BE Employer Solutions to the Buyer Facilitator training program through an online Learning Management System (LMS) tailored to insurance sales. This program provided deep insights into buyer psychology and effective relationship management.

Additionally, one-on-one sales coaching sessions with our expert, Jorge, allowed Nora to develop practical, actionable strategies for immediate implementation.

This approach revamped the sales process from initial contact to closing, emphasizing understanding and addressing client needs at each step.

Strategic Sales and Hiring Process Overhaul

To tackle the challenges of hiring and training, Topaz implemented a new sales hiring strategy. This included developing specific tools for better candidate screening and effective onboarding processes to ensure new hires could integrate quickly and efficiently.

The focus was on creating a replicable and scalable system that would bolster both immediate effectiveness and long-term growth.

Client Alignment and Expectation Management

Working closely with Nora and her team, Topaz refined techniques for managing client expectations throughout the sales process. This included setting clear guidelines and obtaining upfront agreements to ensure clarity and mutual understanding, fostering a smoother transaction process, and enhancing client satisfaction.

"The LMS was incredibly helpful and extremely well done-- informative and simple, but really, really effective."

Nora Ellis

Nora and her team excelled in transforming their sales strategies to secure growth."

Jorge Chavez
Topaz President
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By implementing tailored strategies, BE Employer Solutions has witnessed a notable increase in efficiency and effectiveness within its sales and hiring processes.

The revamped strategies have reduced turnover and increased the conversion of prospects into paying clients. Nora and her team now engage in more meaningful dialogues with clients, leading to earlier and more frequent agreement closures.

These changes have also significantly boosted referral business, with existing clients more likely to recommend BE Employer Solutions to others, thanks to improved satisfaction and trust built through better communication and expectation management.

The firm is now positioned for continued growth and success in the competitive insurance market.