Sales To Build Your Home and Commercial Services Company

Professional home and commercial services companies are hired to help take over projects that individuals or businesses simply can’t (or don’t want to) handle on their own. But, to secure those projects, you have to be able to convey to your customers why your team, products, and services are the best ones to get the job done. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

For so many companies, it isn’t simple at all.

We hear it all too often. Sales reps don’t even get the chance to prove their organization’s value because they’re totally missing the mark during the sales process. 

Why should your company keep spending endless time and energy hiring, prospecting, outreaching, and setting meetings, only for your rep to ultimately fall flat when they finally have a chance to close the deal? 

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Build an ideal team

Attracting, screening, and hiring top performers is challenging.  In a competitive job market, the Metahire Sale Hiring System helps you quickly identify and hire ideal candidates before your competitor and enables you to avoid making major hiring mistakes along the way.

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Improve sales skills

The Buyer Facilitator sales training is an easy-to-follow sales process that will differentiate your company from your competitors and improve your close ratio and profit margins. With how difficult it is to remain relevant in a crowded services market, training your sales team to operate as buyer facilitators will set your business apart from the competition.

Exceed revenue goals

Many home and commercial services companies promote from within as their leaders already know the company culture, clientele, pace of work, and suite of products and services.  Sales Leadership training develops the leadership skills needed to successfully transition into and perform the Sales Manager role effectively.

Customers Need to Trust You

Home and Commercial Services Providers Thrive On Credibility

There’s nothing more valuable to a home or commercial services company than building trustworthy, long-lasting relationships with their customers. After all, going into customers’ homes, commercial buildings, and private property requires a level of trust that your sales representatives have to work very hard to earn.

The reality is, without the proper training and onboarding processes in place, the likelihood of hiring the right people, making a successful long-term hire who achieves quota, and retaining that employee are lower than most would like — leading to high turnover, high recruitment costs, and missed profit goals.

That’s where we come in. Sales is challenging. Acknowledge it. Own it. Get help. 

Sales Hiring Challenges

  • Hiring for trade skills, not sales competence as part of their hiring process

  • Dealing with a small qualified candidate pool that is constantly shrinking

  • Competing in a hyper-competitive market for attracting and hiring top talent

Sales Training Challenges

  • Tasking technicians with selling even though they have no previous experience or interest in sales

  • Managing a team that is resistant to sales training because of their preference for mechanically oriented tasks over sales related ones

  • Selling is not their #1 priority, doing the service is

  • Finding subject matter experts that can help drive home the sales message

Sales Leadership Challenges

  • Promoting candidates from within that typically have have mechanical aptitude when they really need to have leadership aptitude

  • Allocating insufficient amounts of time for Sales Leadership like coaching, motivating and holding their team accountable

  • Talking too much instead of listening and asking questions to prospects, resulting in lost opportunities for development and new deals

With Topaz, our clients can make hiring decisions with confidence that their new employees will be trained to lead, communicate, and close deals with sustained long-term success. We equip companies with the skills to hire better, and coach and develop the sales skills needed to succeed. 

Across the board, our clients are extremely satisfied with their results. Their sales and profit figures are increasing, they’re hiring better as they create cultures of curiosity and accountability.

Face Your Challenges With Topaz Sales Training

Build Your Home Services Sales Machine

Get blended learning, proprietary tools, and live coaching

25+ Hours of Video Training on-demand

One-on-One and Group Zoom Coaching Sessions

Access Sales Tools & Downloadable Resources

Real time Progress Tracking and Reporting

Interactive Sales Challenges and Quizzes

Sales Assessments & Evaluations

Find and hire great employees. Improve your sales performance. Master your leadership skills.
"Together we have transformed my sales team in ways that have allowed me to improve my company, improve the careers of those I work with, and provide a better service to our clients."
Dauphin Ewart
President, The Bug Master

Home and Commercial Services Clients

Solving Home and Commercial Challenges One Training Session at a Time

When we work with home and commercial services businesses, we take a unique approach to our training and development. We recognize the importance of focusing on building a standardized, repeatable, and effective sales process that can drive revenue and sales growth in both the short and long-term. By tailoring our solutions and providing dynamic training, we give our clients time back to do what they do best — deliver top-notch home and commercial services to their customers.

John Moore Services

Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Company
Houston, TX

John Moore Services’ number one goal is finding sustainable repair, maintenance, and renovation solutions that improve your home and your quality of life for years to come.

The Bug Master

Pest Control Service
Austin, TX

The Bug Master offers pest control packages for residential and commercial.

Santana Bros Plumbing

Plumbing Services
Pearland, TX

Santana Bros Plumbing specializes in whole house repipes, tankless water heaters, water heater replacement, sewer line repair, and remodels.

Element 7 Concrete

Flooring Contractor
Granite Shoals, TX

Stained and polished concrete and overlays for home and commercial clients.

Majestic Kitchen and Bath Creations

Home Services Construction
Raleigh, NC

The kitchen and bath specialists team provide unparalleled end-to-end service, from design to fabrication to installation.

Kristynik Hardwood Flooring

Flooring Contractor
Austin, TX

Kristynik serves designers, architects, builders, and homeowners with the finest custom hardwood flooring.

Southwest Exteriors

Replacement Window Installer
San Antonio, TX

Southwest Exteriors specializes in window replacement, doors, siding, concrete coating, exterior painting, and window treatments.

Freedom Solar

Solar Energy Contractor
Austin, TX

Freedom Solar is a full-service solar company installing solar panels and backup power systems for homeowners and businesses.

Steam Team

Restoration Services
Austin, TX

Property damage restoration company, serving both residential and commercial property owners.

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Five Non-Negotiable Sales Hiring Practices

What’s the more important skill to search for in sales candidates – product, service and industry expertise or sales skills? 

Read a Case Study

By emphasizing the customer’s needs and not overanalyzing the plumbing problem first, the team at Santana Bros Plumbing builds trust, closes more sales, and uncovers more opportunities to help his clients. 

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