Local Plumbing Company Increases Year-Over-Year Business by 33% with Buyer Facilitator Training

About Santana Bros Plumbing

Owned and operated by brothers Miguel and Freddy Santana, Santana Bros Plumbing is a top plumbing company serving the Houston and Pearland areas. They differentiate themselves by being family-owned and offering their clients top-notch plumbing repair and installation services. As a 24-hour service provider, they help their customers with anything ranging from whole house repipes to sewer repairs to water heater installations. 

Company Challenges

Like many plumbing companies managed by business owners without a background in sales, marketing, or hiring, Santana Bros struggled to build solid relationships with potential customers. His approach was too focused on the plumbing aspects of the projects and not enough on customer service, uncovering pain points, and solving problems. 

Miguel had taken Topaz training courses at a previous company before opening Santana Bros and felt strongly that Buyer Facilitator by Topaz was the best approach to handle the customer journey. As a growing company in a hyper-competitive market, he recognized the need for external support, training, and guidance to become better at helping their customers. So, he reached out to us to get started.

Targeted Solutions

Miguel enrolled in our Buyer Facilitator Sales Training course to develop the skills necessary to convert prospects into paying customers at a much higher rate. As part of his training, we encouraged and taught Miguel to:

  • Shift his primary focus to building relationships and earning trust with his customers before jumping in to diagnose the plumbing problems.
  • Help customers discover the value of moving forward with plumbing projects without pressure and only if it makes sense.
  • By establishing trust and being authentic, turn one-time customers into long-term, fruitful relationships that generate referrals.

With Topaz solutions embedded in Miguel’s sales philosophy and process, Santana Bros Plumbing could reframe its business practices and significantly improve its conversion rates. 

Focused Results

Applying Buyer Facilitator skills learned through our training, Miguel develops a rapport with customers more naturally and quickly. By emphasizing the customer’s needs and not overanalyzing the plumbing problem first, he builds trust, closes more sales, and uncovers more opportunities to help his clients.  His focus is now on actively listening to his customers’ problems, working hand-in-hand with them to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective solution, and facilitating a warm, friendly experience throughout the buying process.

Due to the shift in Miguel’s sales approach, Santana Bros has grown its business by over 33%, needing to hire two additional plumbers to handle the increase in demand. As their business and team grow, Miguel and Freddy continue to provide their customers with a unified, consistent, and reliable experience.


“When I stopped trying to sell plumbing and started trying to build relationships, my sales just started to happen.”

-Miguel Santana – Owner and Co-Founder of Santana Bros Plumbing

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