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Plumbing Company Increases Year-over-Year Business by 33% with Sales Training

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Santana Bros Plumbing

Santana Bros Plumbing, owned and operated by brothers Miguel and Freddy Santana, serves the Houston and Pearland areas with exceptional plumbing services. This family-owned business stands out by offering 24-hour plumbing repairs, installations, and more, ensuring top-notch customer service in every interaction. Their commitment extends beyond mere repairs to building lasting relationships with their clients, ensuring they remain a trusted provider in a competitive market.


Relationship Gap

Santana Bros focused heavily on technical plumbing details, often overlooking the importance of customer relationships, which hindered their ability to build trust and loyalty with potential clients.

Lack of Sales Strategy

Without a solid background in sales or marketing, the company struggled to effectively communicate the value of its services, missing opportunities to convert inquiries into sales.

Variable Customer Experience

The brothers’ approach to customer interactions varied, leading to inconsistent service experiences, which failed to establish Santana Bros as a reliable option in the local plumbing industry.


Implementing Buyer Facilitator Sales Training

Miguel revisited the Buyer Facilitator training by Topaz to revitalize Santana Bros’ sales approach. This training emphasized building relationships and trust before addressing plumbing issues. We coached Miguel to engage with customers by actively listening to their needs and collaborating on solutions, which ensured a pressure-free experience focused on customer satisfaction.

Cultivating a Unified Customer Service Philosophy

We worked with both brothers to standardize their customer interaction protocols. This uniform approach ensured that all customers received the same level of care and attention, regardless of which brother they interacted with, enhancing the overall reliability of Santana Bros.

Expanding Team Capacity

To support the increased business volume resulting from improved sales tactics, we assisted in strategically hiring two additional plumbers. This expansion was facilitated by applying Topaz’s hiring principles to identify candidates who had the requisite technical skills and aligned with the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service.

“When I stopped trying to sell plumbing and started trying to build relationships, my sales just started to happen.”

Miguel Santana
Owner & Co-Founder

"Miguel upped his game and his sales."

Rich Maynard
Topaz Sales Coach
YoY Increase in Business
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By integrating the Buyer Facilitator methodology into their sales strategy, Santana Bros Plumbing not only increased their business by over 33% but also enhanced their reputation within the community.

Focusing on customer needs and building trust transformed one-time clients into loyal customers, generating steady referrals.

With a more capable and aligned team, Miguel and Freddy continue to offer unparalleled service, ensuring that every customer experience reflects their core values of reliability and customer focus.