Expert Sales Training To Build Your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturers rarely employ a large sales force or implement strategic sales processes, limiting their ability to scale and grow their business over time. Most manufacturing companies rely on marketing, repeat business and referrals to drive business development and sales efforts, leaning on estimators and customer service managers to do all the heavy lifting.

Is your manufacturing business missing out on growth opportunities because you lack direction in your sales and sales hiring strategies?

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Build an ideal team

Attracting, screening, and hiring top performers is challenging. In a competitive job market, the Metahire Sale Hiring System helps you quickly identify and hire ideal candidates before your competitor.

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Improve sales skills

The Buyer Facilitator sales training is an easy-to-follow sales process that will differentiate your company from your competitors and improve your close ratio and profit margins.

Exceed revenue goals

In the manufacturing industry, where product and process knowledge are as critical as client and team relationships, Sales Leadership training becomes a key driver of business success. 

Be Proactive, Diversify Your Portfolio and Maintain Positive Cash Flow

Many manufacturers feel like having an organized sales process is unnecessary, but this is simply not true. While some may see sales only as a necessary evil, the reality is that just like any other organization, sales are the lifeblood of generating new revenue and opportunities for your business.

For manufacturers trying to scale, hiring the right salespeople and providing them with effective training and resources is just as critical as having a solid engineering team. Sales isn’t just an administrative function or overhead, it’s a vital component of a growing business and needs to be a central focus if you want to outlast your competition.

If you’re underinvesting in your sales department, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience some of the following challenges:

Lacking diversity in your customer portfolio.

Too many manufacturers rely on referrals or longstanding accounts to drive revenue without hiring salespeople who hunt for desirable new business. They aren’t prepared for dips in demand when there are shifts in their clients or business.

Maintaining a positive cash flow with new revenue streams.

Without using a skilled salesforce, it can be difficult developing and growing revenue streams to expand your company’s footprint.

Struggling with collections.

Salespeople are relationship builders and can dramatically improve the communication between your business and your clients, helping alleviate tension and payment delays.

With Topaz, our clients can make hiring decisions with confidence that their new employees will be trained to lead, communicate, and close deals with sustained long-term success. We equip manufacturing companies to hire better, and then coach and develop the sales skills needed to succeed.

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Build Your Manufacturing Sales Machine

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Find and hire great employees. Improve your sales performance. Master your leadership skills.
"We chose to work with Topaz Sales Consulting based on their company values and the quality of their team. We believed in their hiring system and followed their lead throughout the engagement."
Colter Kaspar

Manufacturing Clients

We work with a varied list of clients in the Manufacturing sector who experience daily sales and sales hiring challenges, so we’ve learned the ins and outs of the manufacturing industry and deeply empathize with the business challenges manufacturers face. Our team recognizes and understands your pain points and the need for a partner who can tailor sales, hiring, and leadership solutions to your business.

Trutek Framing Systems

Truss Manufacturer
Greenville, SC

TruTek Framing Systems provides expertise in design and prefabricated light gauge steel framing.

Buddha’s Brew

Beverage Manufacturer
Austin, TX

At the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country, Buddha’s Brew uses traditional fermentation methods as wild as the greenbelt and the creek in their backyard. They brew authentic Kombucha, handcrafted from wild, living culture strains and bottled raw, as nature intended.

BGF Industries

Fabrics Manufacturer
Danville, VA

BGF Industries manufactures woven and nonwoven fabrics from fiberglass, carbon, aramids, and other high-performance fibers for technical textiles used in aerospace, protection, Energy/Environmental, Marine, Automotive, and Reinforcements Filtration, and Construction industries.


Metal Fabricator
Houston, TX

Curbco is the nation’s leading designer and manufacturer of RTU Curb Adapters with a comprehensive database of manufacturing specs at our fingertips.


Parts Manufacturer
Waco, TX

Using the latest technology in tool and work holding to ensure a precise, high-quality part,  Kormachine utilizes high-end tooling and application resources to keep costs low and turnaround times within customer’s needs.

Meherrin AG and Chemical

Chemical and Agricultural Supplier
Severn, NC

Meherrin Agricultural and Chemical sells farmers what they need to produce peanuts.

Noren Products

Thermal Products Manufacturer
Taylor, TX

Noren is a woman-owned company that designs industrial thermal management products and services to proactively regulate temperature.


Manufacturer Support Services
Montville, NJ

Panova supports manufacturers who face technical or service challenges with their product development and contract manufacturing needs.

The Skinner Company

Pipe Clamp Manufacturer
Greenwood, SC

The Skinner Company manufactures and sells emergency pipe repair clamps.

Viatrac Fertilizer

Fertilizer Manufacturer
Center, TX

Viatrac uses a naturally composted, pelletized fertilizer helping promote the biological diversity that our soils tend to lose through repeated disturbance.

Presto Tape

Protection Film Manufacturer
Bensalem, PA

Presto is a completely integrated manufacturer of protective adhesive products such as surface protection films, specialty tapes, and digital print media.

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Five Non-Negotiable Sales Hiring Practices

What’s the more important skill to search for in sales candidates – product, service and industry expertise or sales skills? 

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Sales used to be the bottleneck for Upper Edge Tech’s business, but that’s no longer the case. With Topaz training embedded into their sales culture, they can now spend more time and energy on refining different elements of their business.

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Topaz Sales Consulting was founded to disrupt the way sales are conducted in the marketplace. We help business owners sell more, hire better, and responsibly lead high-performing sales teams.