Sales Training to Revolutionize Your Marketing Agency

Many marketing firms are constrained by teams that lack training, oversight, and performance in sales, which hampers their ability to cross-sell and upsell their marketing services effectively.

Continuously adding new strategists, creatives, account managers, and other staff without a robust recruitment, sales, and leadership training framework is inefficient.

It’s time to streamline your operations to optimize your agency’s growth.

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Build an ideal team

What’s the more important skill to search for in sales candidates – product, service and industry expertise or sales skills? Many consulting firms struggle to answer this question. As part of the Metahire Sales Hiring System, we help determine the right answer for your company.

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Improve sales skills

It’s not uncommon for marketing agencies to have competition in their space, which makes it even more critical to follow an effective sale process. Utilize our Buyer Facilitator philosophy and process throughout your company to save enormous amounts of time and exceed your revenue goals.

Exceed revenue goals

For a marketing agency, investing in Sales Leadership training can profoundly enhance its strategic approach. This training equips sales leaders with the skills to mentor their teams in articulating the unique value of marketing campaigns, fostering trust, and building enduring client relationships. 

Cutting Turnover and Boosting Client Engagements

To stay ahead in the dynamic marketing landscape, agencies require a smooth sales and recruiting operation. When businesses or individual clients enlist a marketing firm, they expect standout service that translates into long-term value and results. Securing a client is just the beginning—it’s about fostering an ongoing partnership that thrives on innovative solutions and services.

Leading marketing agencies focus on effective sales and recruiting strategies to decrease staff turnover, minimize unproductive expenditure, and seize every opportunity to expand their client portfolio.

Is your marketing agency giving due diligence to these critical business elements?

Challenges marketing agencies face in sales

  • Those tasked with selling often lack formal sales expertise, relying on industry knowledge over sales acumen to engage prospects.
  • Poorly structured client interactions can result in extended sales cycles and fewer account wins.
  • Recruiters may excel in promoting the agency but fall short in identifying candidates with the essential selling skills needed for growth.
  • Managers sometimes prioritize campaign performance over nurturing their team’s selling capabilities.

With Topaz and our comprehensive sales, recruitment, and leadership training modules, we assure you that your new hires will be adept at leading discussions, communicating value, and forging lasting client relationships with consistent success. We prepare our marketing agency clients for higher operational efficiency, developing impactful and lasting practices, and mastery in delivering the superior client experiences that the marketing world demands.

Regardless of your marketing agency’s challenges, our training is built to support you. Agencies engaged with our program report sweeping enhancements in their recruitment processes and sales strategies, fueling satisfaction and superior performance.

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Ready to Face Your Challenges?

Build Your Marketing Sales Machine

Get blended learning, proprietary tools, and live coaching

25+ Hours of Video Training on-demand

One-on-One and Group Zoom Coaching Sessions

Access Sales Tools & Downloadable Resources

Real time Progress Tracking and Reporting

Interactive Sales Challenges and Quizzes

Sales Assessments & Evaluations

Find and hire great employees. Improve your sales performance. Master your leadership skills.
"Great job easing us into the BF process and getting a "sales process skeptic" very comfortably engaged. Thanks for a great experience."
Dany Sfeir
Chief Outsiders

Marketing Agency Clients

We collaborate with a spectrum of marketing agencies, each with its hurdles. The Topaz team is adept at addressing the marketing industry’s unique needs and pain points, emphasizing the importance of specialized sales training and recruitment strategies for agencies aiming to enhance their service delivery and client relationships.

Art Unlimited

Digital Marketing
Angora, MN

Art Unlimited provides a new path with innovative digital marketing.


Austin, TX

Continion makes B2B sales easier with a sales-aligned marketing solution that predictably fills your pipeline.

Kennedy Creative

Event Planning
Austin, TX

An all-encompassing event planning company with a mission to create a bespoke DMC that curates experiences rooted in Austin and tailored to each individual client. 

Red Orange

Event Planning
Fort Washington, PA

RedOrange is a globally networked full-service government contractor.

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Five Non-Negotiable Sales Hiring Practices

What’s the more important skill to search for in sales candidates – product, service and industry expertise or sales skills? 

Read a Case Study

Chief Outsiders’ fractional CMOs were selling less than 25% of the business, so they needed to bring a renewed level of sales excellence, especially as new CMOs were brought into the organization.

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Topaz Sales Consulting was founded to disrupt the way sales are conducted in the marketplace. We help business owners sell more, hire better, and responsibly lead high-performing sales teams.