Sales Training to Transform Your Legal Practice

Countless law firms struggle with sales teams that are untrained, under-supervised, and underperforming, missing out on opportunities to cross-sell and upsell their legal services.

Why continue to onboard new paralegals, associates, and legal support staff without implementing robust recruitment, sales, and leadership training processes?

Your practice can operate with greater precision and profitability.

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Build an ideal team

What’s the more important skill to search for in sales candidates – product, service and industry expertise or sales skills? Many consulting firms struggle to answer this question. As part of the Metahire Sales Hiring System, we help determine the right answer for your company.

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Improve sales skills

It’s not uncommon for legal services consultants to have a time sensitive sell cycle, which makes it even more critical to follow an effective sale process. Utilize our Buyer Facilitator philosophy and process throughout your company to save enormous amounts of time and exceed your revenue goals.

Exceed revenue goals

Most law firms have a strong legal background but lack the sales leadership skills needed to develop a high performing sales team.  Sales Leadership blended learning provides the fundamental skills to equip sales leaders in the areas of coaching, motivating, developing, and accountability.

Minimizing Turnover and Maximizing Client Acquisition

For legal practices to stay competitive, an efficient sales and recruiting approach is crucial. When businesses or individuals seek out legal services, they’re not just paying for representation; they’re investing in a professional relationship that they hope will yield results over time. It’s about more than just winning a single case—it’s about building a repertoire of services that clients return to repeatedly.

The most successful law firms understand the importance of robust sales and recruiting strategies to decrease staff turnover, reduce inefficiency, and enhance client engagement whenever the opportunity arises. Is your law firm giving these crucial business aspects the focus they need?

Challenges law firms face in sales

  • Attorneys are trained to advocate and advise, not necessarily to sell, often missing cues to offer additional services that benefit clients.
  • Client consultations without a sales strategy can lead to extended client acquisition times and fewer retained cases.
  • Recruiters often focus on selling the firm to candidates instead of ensuring they possess skills contributing to business development.

Managers in law firms may prioritize caseload and billable hours over guiding their teams toward effective client development strategies. With Topaz and our comprehensive suite of sales, recruitment, and leadership training programs, our clients can make informed hiring choices, confident in our ability to train their team members to lead, communicate, and secure clients with lasting success. We empower law firms to enhance their operations, instill effective and lasting habits, and master the art of creating exceptional client service experiences.

Whatever the size or focus of your legal practice, our training is crafted to assist. Graduates from our program have experienced transformative growth within their recruitment and business development teams, leading to greater satisfaction and better results

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Build Your Legal Services Sales Machine

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Find and hire great employees. Improve your sales performance. Master your leadership skills.
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Working with a spectrum of legal professionals, the Topaz team is intimately familiar with the unique challenges of your industry. We are dedicated to recognizing your specific needs, designing tailored solutions, and helping to bring your vision to reality.

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Peek and Toland is a law firm dedicated to defending the rights of those facing immigration, federal, criminal, and family legal matters.

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Five Non-Negotiable Sales Hiring Practices

What’s the more important skill to search for in sales candidates – product, service and industry expertise or sales skills? 

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