President & Co-founder

Jorge Chavez

Austin, Texas

Jorge started Topaz Sales Consulting based in Austin, Texas in 2015. He took his 30 years of sales experience and his passion for sales to develop programs to guide companies to achieve top sales success. His roles include coaching sales teams and their leadership, speaking engagements, mentoring his internal team, developing new programs, and the day-to-day operations of a thriving business.

His DISC profile is Red and Yellow

"Trust God for everything. Enjoy the process. Laugh more. Breathe."

Jorge Chavez, President and Co-founder

About Jorge Chavez

Jorge is a dynamic sales consultant and entrepreneur with a rich and varied career who founded Topaz in 2015 to help people see sales from a positive new perspective.


Jorge initially studied computer science at Michigan Technological University, but after a summer as a waiter, he switched his major to Management Information Systems at the school of business. While being a waiter, Jorge loved influencing his income through the quality of his service. And although his first job out of college was as a programmer/analyst at Chevron, Jorge’s heart was in sales. So – to transition into a sales role, he got a master’s in Marketing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco and then landed a job at IBM selling technology.

That’s officially when his professional sales career began.

Transitioning to Sales

After spending 13 years in the high-tech world working for companies including Chevron, IBM, Adobe Systems, and Portal Software (now owned by Oracle), Jorge had the great fortune to go through the dot com era. It was an experience he says he wouldn’t trade for anything. Jorge left high tech with a passion to be an entrepreneur, building an Allstate agency from scratch, owning it for seven years, then selling it. He then moved to Austin, Texas, to explore new entrepreneurial ventures, where he learned he had a passion for and the skills needed to be a sales consultant.

And that’s the short version of how Topaz was created. Needless to say, he’s never looked back.

Helping others achieve more

When we asked Jorge what his favorite part about his job is, he said: “Helping others achieve more than ever thought was possible. Helping people see sales from a positive new perspective. Being able to accomplish success with my family! Mastering a skill that others find so challenging. Giving all the glory to God!”

Now living in Austin, TX, Jorge is happily married to his wife Caroline and has three adult sons, two daughters-in-law, and two grand puppies, Justus and Maverick. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out and RVing with his wife, spending time with his sons and their families, and exercising in their home gym — you may catch him partaking in a taco Tuesday every now and then, also!


Jorge, to his younger self would say, “Trust God for everything. Enjoy the process. Laugh more. Breathe.” By trusting in a greater plan, Jorge navigates challenges with resilience and maintains a positive outlook, fostering a harmonious work environment, building strong relationships, and achieving long-term success while prioritizing well-being for himself and those around him.