Sales Training to Optimize Your Goods and Services Business

In the goods and services industry, companies often encounter growth limitations because their teams don’t have the proper guidance or salespeople rely solely on product knowledge and aren’t doing as well as they could. This makes it hard for your company to effectively cross-sell and up-sell additional products or services to customers and grow their sales and profits. 

Addressing these issues by streamlining processes, ensuring your teams are well-managed, and those on your team with sales responsibilities are succeeding is essential for sustained growth potential.

Don’t expect your employees to one day just start selling or hire more employees you hope will sell.  Train them.

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Build an ideal team

What’s the more important skill to search for in sales candidates – product, service and industry expertise or sales skills? Many businesses struggle to answer this question. As part of the Metahire Sales Hiring System, we help determine the right answer for your company.

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Improve sales skills

In the competitive landscape of the goods and services industry, adopting an effective sales process is paramount. Implementing our Buyer Facilitator sales approach can streamline operations and significantly contribute to surpassing your revenue targets.

Exceed revenue goals

Investing in Sales Leadership training can substantially refine strategic execution. This training empowers sales leaders with the expertise to guide their teams in effectively communicating the distinct benefits of their products and services, cultivating trust, and establishing lasting customer relationships.

Maintaining a Competitive Edge

Goods and services businesses must ensure a streamlined sales and hiring operation to maintain a competitive edge. Clients engaging with goods and services providers anticipate exceptional service that delivers sustained value and tangible results. Securing a client marks the commencement of nurturing a continuous partnership that flourishes through innovative solutions and superior service delivery.

Top-tier companies in this sector prioritize robust sales and recruitment strategies to reduce employee turnover, curtail inefficient spending, and capitalize on every opportunity to broaden their customer base.

Is your business effectively addressing these pivotal components?

Challenges in Sales and Hiring for Goods and Services Businesses

  • Sales personnel often lack specialized sales training, relying instead on product knowledge, which may not fully resonate with potential clients.
  • Inefficient client engagement strategies can lead to prolonged sales cycles and fewer successful deals.
  • Recruitment teams might be proficient in showcasing the company but may struggle to identify candidates who possess the crucial sales skills necessary for the company’s growth.
  • Leadership occasionally focuses more on immediate operational results, overlooking the importance of enhancing the team’s sales capabilities.

With Topaz’s comprehensive suite of sales, sales hiring, and leadership training programs, your team will be well-equipped to lead effective discussions, articulate the unique value of your offerings, and establish enduring customer relationships with consistent success.

Regardless of the challenges your business faces, our training is designed to support and elevate your sales and operations. Companies that engage with our program report significant improvements in their hiring processes and sales strategies, leading to increased customer satisfaction and achieving sales revenue goals.

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"Topaz Sales Consulting helped us to completely revamp our sales hiring process. Their values and devotion to our success is unmatched."
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Goods and Services Clients

We partner with a diverse range of companies in the goods and services industry, each facing its own set of challenges. The Topaz team excels in understanding and tackling the specific requirements and pain points of this sector, highlighting the significance of specialized sales training and hiring strategies for businesses focused on elevating their service quality and strengthening client relationships.

The Rope Co

Home Decor
West Rockport, ME

Born from generations of fishermen and rope makers, a new tradition turns practical, hardworking materials into timeless doormats and baskets for home.


Interior Plant Service
San Antonio, TX

Natura creates inviting and engaging workplaces with indoor plants, green walls, moss wall art, and holiday décor.

Witherspoon Rose Culture 

Nursery/Farming Environmental Services
Durham, NC

Since 1951 Witherspoon Rose Culture has been installing and maintaining rose gardens of all kinds.

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Five Non-Negotiable Sales Hiring Practices

What’s the more important skill to search for in sales candidates – product, service and industry expertise or sales skills? 

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