A Wealth Management Company Dramatically Changes Approach Ahead of Successful New Product Launch

About Beacon Wealth Management

Beacon Wealth Management is a biblically responsible financial consultancy that helps its clients seek out investments in exemplary companies who live out the Golden Rule in their business practices and endeavor to create blessings globally. They manage their clients’ portfolios with the utmost care and attention to detail, always with biblical responsibility in mind and focus. Their trademarked True Wealth Solution™ helps clients get crystal clear on their current financial position and outlines a simple action plan to help them accomplish their goals.

Unrealized Potential

Cassandra (Cassie) Laymon, the President of Beacon, was referred to Topaz by a trusted colleague (and one of our former clients) because she was looking for a way to help her address a new problem she was experiencing in their business. Beacon had recently launched a new product, called the Kingdom(k), a 401(k) plan with faith-based investing options. Despite it being evident that Kingdom(k) was put together with excellence and filled a great need expressed in the marketplace, the product was extremely slow to get traction and interest from existing and prospective clients. 

Without a formal sales plan in place, Cassie recognized she might be the bottleneck for the program’s less-than-stellar launch. Once she hit such a high frustration level, it was time to pick up the phone and admit she needed help from a true sales expert. She turned to Jorge’s professional Topaz sales training and guidance to make the necessary changes in her process.

The Topaz Effect

Jorge Chavez took a personal and tailored approach to her situation by working through 1:1 coaching sessions. Through these sessions, Jorge was able to identify the primary reasons for Cassie’s low conversion rates and laid out a plan and strategy for her moving forward. 

To get the ball rolling, Jorge had Cassie focus on a few major items:

  • Implement the Buyer Facilitator Philosophy and Process. The philosophy transformed how she saw her role as a sales professional, the role of the buyer, and the purpose of her conversations.  The process gave Cassie a framework to know what questions to ask and how to respond to questions that were asked of her.
  • Ask the Hard Questions. We encouraged her not to be afraid to ask her prospects and clients difficult questions throughout the discovery process. In fact, we encouraged Cassie to go for the no, which helped her potential customers determine what factors are crucial in their decision to move forward with the new Kingdom 401(k) program.
  • Find the Right Partners. At the end of the day, offering her new program would only make sense if the customers she serves were aligned with her business goals. Cassie developed a prospect list of high-potential clients and then screened them for a good mutual fit. 

With a new mindset, attitude, and approach, Cassie is now equipped with the resources, tools, and sales savviness needed to make her program a success.

Knockout 401(k) Results

For each coaching session, Cassie brought real-life challenges and scenarios with customers to discuss and role-play through. Jorge took the opportunity to play both the role of the customer and salesperson to ensure she understood the sales basics and both sides of the sales equation, which quickly clicked in Cassie’s head. She closed her first plan very shortly after starting the coaching program!

After Cassie closed her first few deals — precisely following the steps she learned with Topaz training — she gained confidence in her ability to solve customer problems with her new platform and product. Rather than reluctantly reaching out to new prospects, she now genuinely looks forward to interacting with prospects and clients and recognizes that curiosity (and asking the right questions) can help people solve their problems.

She no longer thinks of her job as sales, but rather as buyer facilitation. Instead of pushing a product or service nobody wants to hear about, she’s finding the right people for her new offering, providing value, and helping them make the best choice for their unique situation. The word “no” isn’t as scary as it used to be.

Overall, the result is that business is booming! Topaz continues to be a resource for Cassie and her team to refine their skills and adapt to market changes, industry trends, and new product offerings. Hear from her directly below.


“One thing I liked was their commitment to my success. Jorge is sincerely as excited about my progress as I am! I found the experience extremely rewarding, and Topaz is now coaching other members of my team so that we can all pursue the business that we are passionate about while serving the clients who have placed their trust in us.”

-Cassandra Laymon — President @ Beacon Wealth Management

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