Topaz Case Study

A Wealth Management Company Dramatically Changes Approach Ahead of Successful New Product Launch

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Sales training and coaching

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Beacon Wealth Consultants

Beacon Wealth Consultants is a financial management firm dedicated to biblically responsible investing. They offer guidance to clients who prefer investing in companies that align with biblical values and practices, particularly through their trademarked True Wealth Solution™. This unique approach not only clarifies clients’ financial status but also sets forth actionable plans to achieve their objectives, adhering closely to ethical and spiritual guidelines.


Sales Strategy Void

With the introduction of their new Kingdom(k) 401(k) plan, Beacon faced the challenge of slow market traction. The lack of a formalized sales strategy led to suboptimal launch results, indicating an urgent need for structured sales direction.

Conversion Rate Concerns

Beacon’s president, Cassie Laymon, identified herself as a potential bottleneck due to the absence of effective sales techniques, which were crucial for converting interest into successful enrollments in the new Kingdom(k) program.

Alignment & Qualification Issues

Beacon needed a way to ensure that prospective clients were interested in and rightly aligned with the Kingdom(k) plan’s values and goals. This required a strategic approach to qualifying prospects and tailoring communications accordingly.


Implementing Buyer Facilitator Philosophy

Topaz introduced the Buyer Facilitator philosophy and process to Beacon, transforming Cassie’s approach to sales. This philosophy shifted the focus from selling to facilitating the buyer’s decision-making process, ensuring more meaningful and productive interactions.

Encouraging Difficult Questions

Cassie was coached to not shy away from posing challenging questions to her prospects. This approach, termed “going for the no,” helped clarify crucial decision-making factors for potential clients, thereby enhancing the qualification process.

Strategic Prospect Alignment

To maximize the potential of the Kingdom(k) plan, Cassie developed a targeted list of high-potential clients. This list was carefully curated to match Beacon’s business goals with client needs, ensuring mutual benefit and alignment.

“One thing I liked was their commitment to my success. I found the experience extremely rewarding."

Cassandra Laymon

"We value our relationship so highly, Topaz is also their client."

Jorge Chavez
Topaz President
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The tailored coaching and strategic advice provided by Topaz enabled Cassie to overcome initial hurdles and significantly improve her sales efficacy. By integrating the Buyer Facilitator philosophy, she changed her perception of sales, leading to her closing several key deals shortly after beginning the coaching sessions.

This newfound confidence and strategic approach have not only boosted sales but also transformed how Beacon approaches client interactions—turning potential “no”s into aligned “yes”s. As a result, business is thriving, and Beacon continues to leverage Topaz’s insights to refine its sales strategies and adapt to new market conditions and opportunities.

Through their partnership with Topaz, Beacon Wealth Consultants has not only overcome initial launch challenges but also set a course for sustained success and impact in biblically responsible investing.