Director of Talent Acquisition

Victor Chavez

Austin, Texas

Victor started with Topaz in 2018 and became full-time in 2021. He has been an entrepreneur since age 9 and encourages the team with his desire for excellence. His roles include sales hiring and onboarding, content creation, developing new programs, and client support.

His DISC profile is Red and Yellow.

"Everything will work out in the end; don't stress over things that don't matter."

Victor Chavez, Director of Talent Acquisition

Background and Experience

Victor was born in Las Vegas, NV but considers himself a native of Austin, TX. He attended Westwood High School and was a leader on the Varsity soccer team rounding out a 13 year soccer career. Victor is a serial entrepreneur starting his own trashcan business at the age of 9 and transferring ownership to another young entrepreneur 7 years later. During Covid, he and a friend started a mobile detailing business which generated positive cash flow in week one. His entrepreneurial background has shaped his ability to understand the needs of a growing company.

Favorite Aspects of the Job

He loves feeling like he’s making a difference, and his actions demonstrate a solid commitment to integrity, perseverance, and collaboration.

As Topaz’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Victor brings invaluable experience and a strong work ethic to the table. His dedication to making a difference and passion for growing Topaz for a greater purpose makes him instrumental in the screening and hiring of our sales coaches and other team members.

Interests and Favorites

Victor’s favorite book is The Pocket by Thich Nhat Hanh, and his favorite movie is Goodfellas. He enjoys hiking (his goal is to climb all the 14ers in Colorado), playing soccer, and traveling to explore new places and cultures when away from the office.

Advice to His Younger Self

Victor’s advice to his younger self would be, “Everything will work out in the end; don’t stress over things that don’t matter.” This message encourages embracing a growth mindset and focusing on what truly matters in life.