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Sales Training Increases Revenue by 157% for Crane Service Agency

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ProLift Rigging

Formed in 2010 out of a small, local rigging outfit in Lynchburg, VA, ProLift Rigging is a full crane service industrial rigging, transport, and warehousing solutions provider. With a growing international footprint of strategically placed locations, they are uniquely positioned to help you wherever your job site may be.


Unproductive Strategies

ProLift Rigging faced challenges with an ineffective sales strategy and a lack of structure in its sales organization, which resulted in missed opportunities and inefficient resource allocation.

Resistance to Change

Employees were reluctant to adopt new methodologies and implement new sales strategies and tools, which stymied innovation and growth.

Conversion Difficulties

ProLift encountered a critical challenge as they consistently failed to convert leads, including those that should have been straightforward wins.


Determine Sales Potential

Our first step was performing sales evaluations for an initial sales team to determine sales potential and whether they were trainable and coachable. ProLift was so impressed with the information they learned from the evaluation that they also wanted others to go through the process.

Empower High Impact Conversations

Once we had completed the evaluations, we provided sales training for the entire sales team, including branch managers. We gave them a sales process and philosophy to incorporate throughout their entire company. The sales training empowered them to have high-impact conversations with their customers while wasting less time on prospects who weren’t likely to turn into paying customers.

Build a Team of Winners

With all the initial sales success, ProLift needed to achieve its company expansion goals, which required hiring more top-performing salespeople. We implemented the Metahire sales hiring system, equipping them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to customize the hiring process and hire a team of winners.

Develop Consistency From the Top

The final step was implementing sales leadership training for team leaders who had previously completed Topaz sales training. This strategic move ensured managers were equipped to guide their teams using the same methodologies, fostering consistency, improved communication, and stronger execution of sales strategies across the board.


"Their delivery model is efficient. Topaz has radically transformed our team for the better."

Matt Brennan

"ProLift is a team dedicated to their clients' safety and success."

Jorge Chavez
Topaz President
Increase in Sales Profit
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ProLift Rigging chose to work with Topaz because of our easy-to-use training interface and cohort coaching model, which challenged their team to start applying best practices and new strategies immediately.

The Buyer Facilitator sales training philosophy and process have become the foundation throughout Prolift for engagement with prospects and clients.

One Topaz tool that has single-handedly changed their business is the Pre-Call Planning Guide, which is used to prepare for upcoming prospect meetings. Their sales leaders and reps learned how to quickly get to the truth and root of their customers’ pain, saving enormous amounts of time and resources on every call.

As the ideal sales hires came on board, they too were equipped to sell using Buyer Facilitator, and now ProLift has a common sales language and one process and philosophy followed by all.

During the first year of Topaz training, ProLift grew sales revenue by 157% and sales profit by 231% — a win-win!