The Pursuit of God

The Pursuit of God book cover

If you’re not ready to be challenged and deepen your knowledge of who God is, pass on this book. This book will help you learn who God is and know Him more if you are ready. This book makes our list because as we learn more about God, who He is, and what He has done, the pressures of life and the impact of our circumstances become insignificant.

Publisher Summary: Here is a masterly study of the inner life by a heart thirsting after God, eager to grasp at least the outskirts of His ways, the abyss of His love for sinners, and the height of His unapproachable majesty — and it was written by a busy pastor from Chicago!

Key Takeaways from The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

  • The Bible is not an end but a means to bring men to an intimate and satisfying knowledge of God.
  • Everything is safe, which we commit to Him, and nothing is really safe, which is not so committed.
  • God wills that we should push on into His Presence and live our whole life there.  The best place to be–in God’s will.
  • The highest love of God is not intellectual, it is spiritual

About the Author

A.W. Tozer is an American Christian pastor from the Midwest. Walking home from work one day, he heard a street preacher say: “If you don’t know how to be saved, just call on God.” When young Tozer got home, he climbed into his attic and did just that.

In many ways, that simple act would characterize Tozer’s entire life and ministry. What Tozer heard from God through prayer and study, he spoke to men through books and sermons. Tozer wrote The Pursuit of God, perhaps his most popular work, on an overnight train equipped with just a Bible, notebook, and pencil. His books and sermons cut to the heart and healed many spiritual ills.

Only to sit and think of God,

Oh what a joy it is!

To think the thought, to breathe his Name;

Earth has no higher bliss.

Father of Jesus, love’s reward!

What rapture will it be,

Prostrate before Thy throne to lie,

And gaze and gaze on Thee!

Frederick Faber

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