The Greatest Salesman in the World

After reading the last chapter of this book, Jorge wept. So many of our clients read this book many years ago and say it changed their lives and beliefs about what it takes to be successful in sales. The recommended practices shared in this book are biblically sound and will connect you with the heart of all people. Just like Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni, this is another resource to help change your sales paradigm.

Publishers Summary: Inspiring, uplifting and motivating principles on sales and salesmanship.  A relatable, constructive story that uses the ancient wisdom of 10 ancient scrolls to teach sales as a profession and a lifestyle.

Key Takeaways from The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

  • Every one of us is a salesman, no matter our occupation or profession. 
  • A salesperson should act from a place of love at all times.
  • We must always control our emotions.
  • Set up short milestones one at a time until you finally achieve your ultimate goal.

About the Author

Augustine “Og” Mandino II is one of the world’s most widely read inspirational and self-help authors. Former president of Success Unlimited magazine, Mandino was the first recipient of the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal for literary achievement. Og Mandino was a member of the International Speakers Hall of Fame and was honored with the Masters of Influence by the National Speakers Association. Og Mandino died in 1996, but his books continue to inspire countless thousands all over the world. 

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