Technology Company Increases Sales by 15% with In-depth Buyer Facilitator Training 

About Computer Geeks

Since 1995, Computer Geeks has been providing quality IT products and services to customers in Eastern North Carolina. They are a locally owned and operated business that offers a wide range of services, including computer and phone system reseller, computer repair, data recovery, and system optimization.

Committed to their core values of trust, reliability, and family, they’re laser-focused on maintaining valued relationships with their clients and partners.


Computer Geeks was struggling to find success with their sales strategies. Clients were not responding to outreach, and the sales team was not motivated. Facing a lack of sales results, leadership needed to see incremental improvement to justify compensation tiers for its sales team.

After hearing Jorge speak at a C12 Forums event, Owner Parker Ledbetter felt the Topaz approach resonated with his business’ core values. He knew he could rely on the Topaz team to provide the level of expertise he’d been looking for. So, Parker enrolled his company in Topaz Sales Consulting’s Buyer Facilitator by Topaz sales training program to learn how to develop and qualify leads, build and strengthen relationships, and use the Buyer Facilitator process to find their ideal clients.


Computer Geeks progressed through our Buyer Facilitator by Topaz training, a blended learning program featuring a combination of eLearning videos and live virtual instructor-led coaching tailored to their environment.

Before each living coaching session, the Computer Geeks team watched training videos equipping them with the skills needed to learn to grow their sales and find the right clients. As the team learned what to do and not do as a good salesperson, they became more motivated, and their confidence grew.

Then, live virtual coaching sessions put the lessons from the videos into practice. These sessions included reviewing and debriefing previous sales calls to ensure processes were followed, correcting wrong behaviors, and refining selling skills. Strategies were developed pre-call resulting in more trust, more truth, and increased sales.

The Computer Geeks team aligned on Topaz’s process, methodology, and goals from the get-go, which helped them absorb new ideas faster and reach new levels of self-awareness. The team even began holding each other accountable for trying new techniques and behaviors in between training sessions.


Our Buyer Facilitator training challenged Parker and his team to actively listen, pose the right questions at the right time, and lead confidently. With Jorge and Rich, expert sales coaches from the Topaz Team, providing feedback and guidance, the Computer Geeks team felt supported throughout the engagement. Because with regular, prescheduled coaching sessions, Parker’s team felt accountable and motivated not to lose their momentum and experienced positive gains using their new sales process.

After implementing our Buyer Facilitator sales training program, the Computer Geeks team is now patient and driven. The team’s confidence increased, and they are on track to close 15% more sales in part due to their improved sales efforts. With a new outlook on “buyer facilitation” over “sales,” they integrated Topaz best practices across the entire sales cycle.

The Computer Geeks team is now more equipped than ever to build customer relationships and create a quality experience for everyone involved. Moving forward, Parker projects even more growth within the sales team with future projections of 20%+ increases in sales. 


“We Drink the Kool-Aid every day.  We discuss the process in our Sales Meetings and try to improve our delivery of the Topaz Process.  I believe in what we are doing and how we deliver our services.  The Selling is much easier, and our team is positive.”

Parker Ledbetter, Owner @ Computer Geeks

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