Topaz Case Study

Fractional CMO Company Elevates Business Growth by 51% with Topaz Training

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Sales training and coaching


Chief Outsiders

Chief Outsiders specializes in providing fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises, enhancing their marketing efforts with seasoned executive expertise. Their leadership consists of executives who have held senior roles in major corporations and are dedicated to filling the executive leadership gap in the market.


Stagnant Sales Performance

Chief Outsiders’ fractional CMOs were responsible for generating less than 25% of new business, indicating a need for enhanced sales capabilities, especially as new CMOs joined the team.

Urgent Need for New Trainer

Following unforeseen circumstances with their previous provider, Chief Outsiders urgently needed a reliable and effective sales training solution to maintain their growth and service quality.

Inconsistent Sales Approach

As the team of fractional CMOs expanded, inconsistencies in sales approaches began to emerge, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities in client engagements.


Tailored Buyer Facilitator Training

We introduced Chief Outsiders to our Buyer Facilitator training, a program specifically designed to change the mindset from traditional selling to facilitating buyer decisions. This method focuses on patience, asking the right questions, understanding client problems and objections, and setting clear expectations.

Blended Learning Approach

Recognizing the limited time executives can dedicate to training, we implemented a blended learning approach. This combined online video training sessions, which provided flexibility and allowed CMOs to learn at their own pace, with strategic live coaching sessions conducted via video conference. These sessions were designed to deliver high-impact insights and practical sales strategies applicable to real-world scenarios.

High-Impact Coaching

Jorge Chavez, President of  Topaz Sales Consulting, led personalized coaching sessions with the CMO teams. His extensive experience and tailored approach ensured that each session was maximally beneficial, keeping the executives engaged and focused on enhancing their sales techniques.

"The pressure is taken off of our CMOs when they think about 'selling'.”

Pete Hayes

"The CMOs were successful at integrating our sales philosophy into their marketing efforts."

Jorge Chavez
Topaz President
YoY Business Growth
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After a year of intensive training with Topaz Sales Consulting, Chief Outsiders experienced a remarkable 51% year-over-year business growth.

Their fractional CMOs have shifted their perspective on sales to embrace the Buyer Facilitator approach, which has been seamlessly integrated into their daily interactions and client management strategies.

Chief Outsiders’ feedback on our program was resoundingly positive, describing it as “Thoughtful. Empowering. Impactful.” This transformation has not only elevated their sales performance but also reinforced their market position as a leading provider of executive marketing expertise.