Strategic Buyer Facilitator Training Increases Sales by 51% Year-Over-Year for Fractional CMO Company

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Chief Outsiders has been recognized as an Inc. 500 company and as one of the fastest-growing companies in America for the last eight years. They are led by a team of experienced executives who have all held senior positions at major corporations and recognized a gap in the market for providing professional executive leadership to other organizations. Their company helps businesses of all sizes (from startups to large enterprises) with their marketing efforts by providing them with access to fractional CMOs — executive consultants who bring marketing expertise, value, and strategy to their businesses. 

The Challenge

Chief Outsiders’ fractional CMOs were selling less than 25% of the business, so they needed to bring a renewed level of sales excellence, especially as new CMOs were brought into the organization.  When Chief Outsiders needed to find a new sales trainer due to unforeseen circumstances, they turned to Topaz Sales Consulting for answers. 

After being referred to Topaz from C12 Forums and hearing Jorge’s name over the years, they knew that he could provide the level of sales training excellence they were looking for. Because Jorge has a deep understanding of how to manage a proper sales process and with his ability to tailor the training to each client’s specific needs, he combined one-on-one coaching with Buyer Facilitator training as an ideal combination for their nationwide organization. 


We enrolled the Chief Outsiders CMOs in the Buyer Facilitator by Topaz blended learning program. The online video training sessions are geared towards reframing what the CMOs believed about sales and how they approached their prospective clients. Our Buyer Facilitator training encouraged them to be patient, ask the right questions, determine the real problems their prospects and clients are trying to solve and the pain associated with those problems, uncover objections early, and set clear expectations to avoid any surprises later. 

Paired with our Buyer Facilitator online training, Jorge facilitated strategic live video conference coaching sessions with the Chief Outsiders teams meant to deliver high-impact value within a short timeframe. We recognize that these are executives who only have limited time to dedicate to sales training, so we maximized efficiency by combining the online sessions with live training and coaching to keep the CMOs engaged, equipped, and focused on their real-world sales opportunities. 


As new CMO teams went through the entire program, Chief Outsiders could see tremendous value across the board. In 2021, after one full year of working with Topaz, their business grew 51% year-over-year, in part due to their improved sales efforts. Their fractional CMOs no longer view sales as “sales”, but rather “buyer facilitation”, and continue to integrate Topaz best practices into their daily sales and relationship management conversations. When we asked Chief Outsiders to summarize their experience with us as a whole, their response was “Thoughtful. Empowering. Impactful.”


“We like how it all fits with our values. And how the pressure is taken off of our CMOs when they think about “selling.” Our internal surveys show they feel they get great value from the investment of their time.”

-Pete Hayes, Principal @ Chief Outsiders

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