Sales Training Shortens Campus Recruiter Sales Cycle Without Sacrificing Student Rapport

It was refreshing in today’s market… We can now take the process on our own and continue moving forward.

Linda Daughtery – Academy of Hair Design

Equipping Students to Thrive in the Beauty Industry

Academy of Hair Design (AOHD) is a small — but mighty — business that places a high value on the education and development of its students. They promote a student-focused approach to hair design and beauty techniques with the core goal of equipping students with the capabilities to thrive in the beauty industry. 

Their expert instructors and seasoned leadership are committed to providing top-notch training that leads to job success. They do this while helping students learn how to create their paths rather than following generic industry paths. 

Need for Speed: Long Sales Cycles Falling Short 

The Academy of Hair Design was burdened by the Campus Recruiter team’s long sales cycles, impacting its ability to capitalize on in-person networking events and increase student recruits. Campus Recruiters are the face of AOHD and, typically, a prospective student’s first touchpoint. This sales-focused role is responsible for prospective student nurturing, so any delay in the sales cycle can directly impact enrollment numbers.

Because Campus Recruiters are usually a candidate’s first touchpoint with the academy, they must represent the brand in a positive light and have the right relationship-building skills. Therefore, the academy sought a solution to allow their Campus Recruiters to shorten their sales cycles, improve prospective student relationships, and make each prospect feel cared for and heard.

Reflection Fuels Transformation

AOHD turned to Topaz Consulting for a customized game plan to address this challenge. We leveraged our sales training process to help them be more focused in their day-to-day approach and, ultimately, recruit more students in a shorter amount of time.

Through the sales training process and one-on-one coaching sessions, we trained Campus Recruiters to ask better questions, listen more attentively, and build relationships with potential students. Additionally, we equipped them with the necessary tools to effectively communicate their follow-up efforts.

Radical Shifts from the Get-Go

The impact of our sales training was immediate. We helped AOHD see where their personal buying preferences and expectations got in the way of finding their prospect’s buyer preferences and expectations. As a result, Topaz has given leadership confidence in their decision-making, resulting in employees and stakeholders feeling more confident in AOHD’s ability to grow as a business.

Their team saw a rapid shift in how the Campus Recruiters operated and approached their work. Our sales training process helped them be more intentional in their sales approach, shorten the sales cycle without sacrificing customer service, and take a more consultative approach to student recruitment.

They were no longer trying to sell but instead began helping students make purchase decisions.

Since implementing our training solutions, AOHD has seen a decrease in sales cycle time and an increase in enrollment. In addition to this quantitative success, we’ve helped the Academy of Hair Design feel more solidified in their recruitment ability and build a foundation for long-term success.

A Renewed Growth Mindset

“I recommend this training to any growth-minded business willing to take that honest look in the mirror. All about positive change, this program honors both the sales associate and the prospect. So check it out; the results are worth it!” 

Sheri Walsh, Enrollment Director at AOHD

Back to Basics: Overhauling the Sales Hiring Process

After seeing great success with the sales training, we also helped AOHD overhaul its sales hiring process with our comprehensive Metahire sales hiring system. It enabled them to get the proper tools and resources to hire their ideal employees and ensure new hires get developmental training to thrive in their roles. This decision was essential to ensure all new employees were onboarded with the same methodology and best practices to create consistency within the sales organization’s culture. 

By overhauling their end-to-end sales process, from hiring to in-person recruiting, AOHD has revolutionized how they grow their business and set themselves up for long-term success.

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