Prosperity in the Age of Decline

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We work so hard to create wealth, but how many of us genuinely understand the leading indicators that enable us to protect our wealth. The age of decline written by two economists provides excellent insight on how to anticipate upcoming economic events (i.e., an anticipated Great Depression of 2030) so you can prepare and protect what you’ve worked so hard to create.

Publisher Summary: Brian Beaulieu and Alan Beaulieu show how to identify key economic trends, to pinpoint when changes will occur, and to determine what actions to take a position for future growth. By following the guidelines outlined anyone can avert cyclical downturns and build on rising industry trends.

Designed as a useful tool for investors, the book includes a working list of key trends, describes the upside potential of each trend, and explains the potential threat stemming from a particular trend. Understanding how to capitalize on these trends and knowing how to avoid the common pitfalls are the keys to creating a solid economic future for individual investors and business leaders.

Key Takeaways from Prosperity in the Age of Decline:

  • Contains the strategies for capitalizing on cyclical opportunities and avoiding economic dangers
  • Offers an examination of major economic trends
  • Includes information on the leading economic indicators that most reliably achieve results
  • Shows how to preserve wealth and avoid the most common investing pitfalls.

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