The Bug Master Improves Sales Hiring Success While Doubling Monthly Sales Volume

The Bug Master

The Bug Master is a pest control company servicing the state of Texas for over 35 years, offering a variety of services to their clients, including residential and commercial pest control, termite control, and mosquito abatement. The company prides itself on its experience and knowledge of the pest control industry and is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers. The Bug Master is an industry leader in addressing their customers’ problems with pests, insect identification, and treatment options, but they needed help in the sales and sales hiring department.

Pesty Problems

Despite The Bug Master’s extensive foothold in the Texas market (Austin, Temple, Houston, San Marcos, Waco), they were too reliant on inbound lead traffic and repeat business to achieve their long-term growth goals. Dauphin Ewart, CEO at The Bug Master, approached our team at Topaz with two primary concerns.

First, he was looking for guidance and training on improving the quality of their sales hires through a more efficient, standardized, and creative sales recruitment process. Second, he was concerned that his teams were technically performing fine overall from a revenue standpoint. However, he felt they needed to significantly boost sales performance at the individual level to successfully and rapidly scale their business. 

Luckily for The Bug Master, our Metahire (sales hiring) and Buyer Facilitator by Topaz sales training offerings were the perfect solutions to attack their concerns head-on.

Sales and Recruitment Solutions 

Through a dynamic combination of both the Metahire Sales Hiring System and Buyer Facilitator (sales) training, the Topaz team was able to help The Bug Master overhaul the way they approach their internal processes. Here’s how we helped:

  • Implemented a Hiring Process for Salespeople. Using Metahire, we equipped them with a proven and repeatable sales hiring process that included resume screening, objective pre-hire sales assessments, phone and in-person interviewing skills, questions and role-plays to ensure they made better hiring decisions.
  • Strengthened the Internal Emphasis on Sales Culture. Encouraging their hiring team to view sales hires as a distinct group created a greater interest in learning about sales.  We trained and coached both the existing sales team and the new sales hires with our Buyer Facilitator philosophy and process, transforming how the salespeople engage with prospects and clients. This mindset shift equipped them to quickly identify their client’s real problems and offer the services to address and eliminate them. Training their salespeople on how to connect with customers and be true sales professionals was the goal.
  • Focused on Leadership. We wanted to instill a sense of leadership and ownership within each and every salesperson and team member within The Bug Master’s organization, so we emphasized the importance of stepping up and rising to the occasion throughout the process. No matter the person’s role in the organization, we taught them how to take a leadership role and increase their influence on the business. 
  • Installed an Ongoing Learning Format. Sales is an ever-evolving process, so our Metahire and Buyer Facilitator by Topaz online learning programs continue to be helpful to The Bug Master for ongoing learning purposes, training refreshers, new hire onboarding, and more.


The Bug Master’s teams swiftly implemented our training best practices, hiring tips, and sales techniques and tracked progress closely. In just a matter of months, the results were fascinating to see.

From a hiring perspective, over 90% of the recruitment process is already pre-written for their recruiters, with the other 10% requiring customization based on the type of hire being made. As a result, their recruitment process takes far less time and works more efficiently at weeding bad candidates out of the funnel quickly and allowing them to focus on finding the right candidates. 

On the sales and revenue generation side, their team has more than doubled their average monthly sales per salesperson. Ramp-up times for newly hired salespeople are much faster, training is consistent across the board, and their overall sales culture is alive and well throughout the organization. 


“Jorge is part of my team. My problems are his problems, and we work together to get sales results. Topaz is an extension and an augmentation of our sales leadership. They provide results-focused leadership in the three key areas of sales – sales hiring, sales process, and sales management. Working with Topaz has allowed us to develop in all areas of our sales organization and dramatically improve our sales results.” 

-Dauphin Ewart, CEO @ The Bug Master

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