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Sales Training Brings 2x Monthly Sales Volume for Pest Control Company

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The Bug Master

The Bug Master has been a leading pest control service provider in Texas for over 35 years. They offer comprehensive residential and commercial pest control, termite control, and mosquito abatement services. As an industry leader, The Bug Master combines vast experience with a deep knowledge of pest control to ensure the highest service quality for their customers across major Texas cities including Austin, Temple, Houston, San Marcos, and Waco.


Slow Sales Growth

The Bug Master relied heavily on inbound leads and repeat business, which limited their potential for aggressive growth and expansion in the competitive pest control market.

Inexpedient Hiring Processes

Their sales hiring process lacked standardization and efficiency, leading to inconsistent quality in new hires and missed opportunities to build a robust sales force.

Underutilized Sales Potential

While technically sound in operations, The Bug Master’s sales team was not achieving its potential at the individual level, which hampered the company’s ability to scale effectively.


Streamlined Sales Hiring System

Topaz implemented the Metahire Sales Hiring System to standardize and enhance The Bug Master’s recruitment process. This included detailed pre-hire assessments, tailored interview techniques, and specific role-play scenarios that ensured only the best candidates were selected.

Revitalized Sales Culture

Through the Buyer Facilitator training, we transformed the sales approach of The Bug Master’s team, fostering a culture where salespeople excel in identifying and solving client’s pest problems effectively. This training not only improved their engagement tactics but also ingrained a consultative sales philosophy company-wide.

Leadership and Ownership Empowerment

We introduced leadership training that instilled a sense of ownership and accountability in all team members, regardless of their role. This initiative motivated employees to take proactive steps in influencing the company’s success, enhancing team dynamics and individual performance.

Continuous Learning and Development

Our ongoing online learning modules and training refreshers provided by Metahire and Buyer Facilitator ensured that The Bug Master’s team stayed current with the latest sales strategies and techniques. This setup helped maintain high standards in sales operations and eased the onboarding of new hires.

"Working with Topaz has allowed us to develop in all areas of our sales organization and dramatically improve our sales results.” 

Dauphin Ewart

"The sales team learned how to continuously bring value to their customers."

Jorge Chavez
Topaz President
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The implementation of Topaz’s methodologies marked a turning point for The Bug Master.

With over 90% of its recruitment process standardized, the company saw a significant reduction in time spent on hiring and a sharper focus on acquiring top talent.

Sales metrics saw dramatic improvements, with an average doubling in monthly sales per salesperson.

The streamlined recruitment process and enriched sales culture enabled The Bug Master to achieve rapid and sustainable growth, setting a new benchmark in the pest control industry in Texas.