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Medical Cost Sharing Company’s Successful Hire Rate Increases to 88%

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Sedera Health

Sedera, founded in 2014, provides an innovative medical cost-sharing solution to address the healthcare industry’s challenges with unexpected, high medical bills. Their unique platform fosters a community-based approach, enabling members to support each other financially during medical crises. This system not only alleviates financial burdens but also strengthens communal ties by emphasizing mutual aid and care among members.


High Turnover

Sedera struggled to consistently hire capable salespeople, leading to high turnover and escalating costs. Their inability to effectively assess candidates’ real capabilities hindered growth and operational efficiency.

Scaling Challenges

As Sedera aimed to expand nationally, its inconsistent hiring practices impeded the development of a robust nationwide sales force. This inconsistency threatened their scalability and long-term objectives.

Bad Hire Costs

The cost implications of frequent hiring missteps were significant, draining resources that could have been allocated to strategic growth or enhancing member services.


Implementing Metahire

Topaz Sales Consulting introduced Sedera to our Metahire sales hiring system, an end-to-end solution tailored to refine and optimize the hiring process. The system equipped Sedera’s HR and sales teams with advanced tools and knowledge to make informed hiring decisions, dramatically increasing the quality of new hires.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Our approach included intensive training sessions, one-on-one coaching, and access to customized hiring templates and resources. These tools were designed to engage Sedera’s hiring teams actively and empower them with the skills necessary to identify and retain top talent effectively.

Expanding Successful Practices

Recognizing the impact of our hiring system, Sedera extended the Metahire process across all company departments, streamlining their overall hiring practices and fostering a culture of excellence and precision in recruitment.

"Metahire is going to impact hiring in every other part of the company."

Jamie Lagarde

"Sedera's hiring improved dramatically; they're now growing quickly and efficiently."

Jorge Chavez
Topaz President
Successful Sales Hire Rate
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With the Metahire system fully integrated, Sedera’s successful sales hire rate soared from 25% to an impressive 88%.

This transformation not only reduced hiring costs but also significantly boosted their operational efficiency and accelerated their expansion efforts.

The enhanced recruitment strategy allowed Sedera to focus more on its core mission of providing reliable healthcare support, thus strengthening its market position and member satisfaction.