Metahire Sales Hiring System Increases a Medical Cost Sharing Company’s Successful Hire Rate to 88%.

“It’s going to impact hiring in every other part of the company.”

Jamie Lagarde – Sedera

About Sedera Health

Our client, Sedera, was founded in 2014 to help solve the national and global medical healthcare crisis through their unique, alternative, and innovative medical cost-sharing solution. They recognized unmet needs in the traditional healthcare industry for patients who experience unexpected, expensive medical bills, so they created their own network to encourage peer-to-peer sharing to cover those costs. Sedera’s platform allows members to be part of an organized community to share funds for medical care, helping people when they need it most.

Inconsistent sales hiring proves to be costly

Before working with our team at Topaz, Sedera’s primary challenge was their inconsistency in hiring high-quality, capable salespeople for their rapidly expanding sales force. They were interested in becoming a nationwide sales organization but kept experiencing setbacks when new hires wouldn’t perform well or were churned. They had more misses than hits, resulting in significant recruitment, training, and other expenses they couldn’t recoup. The costs were exorbitant and needed to be contained for Sedera to meet its growth plan goals.

Salespeople are notoriously great at selling themselves during formal interviews, so we use our pre-hire sales assessments to help our clients learn more about their potential future colleagues. With proper guidance and ample resources in place, our clients can more clearly determine if candidates are capable of selling their products or services before making a critical (and expensive) hiring decision.

Sedera sought a partnership with a company that could equip its HR and sales teams with the materials, guidance, and support they needed throughout their hiring process. That’s where we came into the picture.

Process for equipping the team to hire successfully

Sedera went through our proprietary Metahire sales hiring system to train their HR team on making intelligent, educated and informed hiring decisions. The Metahire process includes a variety of helpful and accessible resources to enhance the training process and experience, all geared towards making a big difference in how teams approach the hiring journey.

“It’s really efficient. We have things so dialed in that I don’t even have to attend entry sales interviews anymore. The knowledge transfer that was started with Metahire has become a cultural thing throughout our organization.

-Executive at Sedera

We intentionally designed our training modules and resources to keep Sedera’s hiring team active, interested and empowered during each step in the process. For example, we offered our integrated training content, one-on-one coaching, and live sessions to establish an internal sales hiring foundation. Then, together we customized our hiring templates and other materials into their new process allowing Sedera to consistently screen for ideal candidates. 

As Sedera began recognizing how much their business was positively impacted by our Metahire process, they determined it would make sense to implement this end-to-end system throughout the hiring processes used for all of their company’s departments.  We equipped their team with everything they could possibly need to be successful — and success came quickly.

What you should know about Sedera today

When companies like Sedera make a successful hire, the entire company reaps the benefits. On average, before working with Topaz, Sedera’s good sales hire rate was roughly 1 in 4 (or 25 percent), meaning they were striking out most of the time and spending far too much money for way too little output. With our help, a wholly retrained sales recruitment team, and a better understanding of how to properly hire and manage employees, Sedera experienced significant year-over-year growth and vastly improved their successful hire rate to 7 in every 8 (or 88 percent). They achieved a significant increase in successful hires, reducing their costs by a tremendous amount.

When I look back and ask myself what I would’ve done differently going through the Metahire process, the only thing I would’ve done differently is grabbed another member of the team to have them participate. If you’re considering having three or four people go through this program, you should consider having 4 or 5 go through it instead.”

– Executive at Sedera

Sedera now ranks in the top 4 percent of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies of 2020, is ranked the number one fastest-growing company in Austin, TX, and continues to use the Metahire process across their company to find successful, high-performing hires in all departments.

We’re very proud of Sedera’s hiring achievements and are thrilled to continue supporting their journey towards becoming a nationwide leader in the healthcare industry.

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