Great Western Supply Set to Hit Quotas After Hiring New Sales Manager

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A Trusted Partner

Great Western Supply Co. is a trusted resource for paper, janitorial supplies, and equipment. The company is headquartered in Davenport, Iowa, and has branch locations across its region. They offer a wide range of products, including paper towels, cleaning chemicals, innovative cleaning technology, and more. Great Western Supply Co. is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and stands behind the products it sells. With its commitment to quality and value, Great Western Supply Co. is a trusted partner to many.

A Challenge for Many Years

The sales hiring process at Great Western Supply Co. was challenging for years. The company’s owner, Collin Carney, knew he needed to hire a sales manager, but he hadn’t done so in many years. In the past, he had struggled to find candidates with the right skills and values for the job. Then, Collin learned about Topaz through a CEO organization he is part of called C12 Group. He reached out to seek professional help to avoid wasting more time, money, and resources on ill-fit candidates. The Metahire Sales Hiring System was different from anything Collin had heard or tried. Nevertheless, he believed their approach would deliver better results, so he decided to move forward with Topaz.

The Right Skills to Make an Ideal Hire

The Topaz team assessed the company’s needs and equipped Collin and his hiring team with the tools and skills needed to make the right sales manager hire. In addition, our team took a personal interest in ensuring the success of their sales hiring efforts.

Topaz delivered high-quality video-based training and onboarding tools to help Collin spot suitable candidates for his vacant sales manager role. Through eLearning modules, skills tests, and one-on-one video conference sessions with Topaz, Collin felt supported and motivated throughout the process. As a result, he and his team learned to ask the right questions, identify qualified sales manager candidates, and waste less time on unqualified options.

Empowered and Equipped

After utilizing Topaz’s Metahire Sales Hiring System, Collin overcame his challenges and found the right candidate to fill the sales manager job. Now that Great Western Supply Co.’s new manager is in his seat and is ramping up, the organization is set to start hitting its quotas and long-term goals. With new processes and outlooks, the sales manager feels empowered to take on their new role and become a leader within the organization. In addition, Great Western Supply Co is now better equipped than ever to find and retain top sales talent, thanks to the help of Topaz Sales Consulting.


“The system Topaz has for hiring is exhaustive and very thorough for training me and my support team who helps with hiring. The whole system fits together nicely, so the training went quickly for us.”

-Collin Carney, Owner @ Great Western Supply Co

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