Sales Operations Specialist

Claudia Sanchez

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Claudia is the Sales Operations Specialist at Topaz, with a unique background in executive assistance across various industries. Rather than being front and center in sales roles, Claudia prefers to operate behind the scenes, focusing on processes, solutions, and technology contributing to the entire team’s success. Her work in these areas ensures that the team operates efficiently and is well-equipped to meet our client’s goals.

Her DISC profile is Blue and Yellow.

"Always be a Toys 'R' Us Kid!"

Claudia Sanchez, Sales Operations Specialist

About Claudia

Born in Nicaragua and raised in the vibrant city of Miami, Claudia Sanchez joins Topaz as our Sales Operations Specialist, or as we fondly refer to her, our SOS.

Before joining Topaz, she was an Executive Assistant at a luxury travel and social media-oriented company and an office manager for an international boat media magazine and yacht brokerage firm, where she honed her skills, making her an invaluable addition to our team.

What Makes the Job Rewarding

Claudia possesses strong organizational skills and is self-driven. She’s a reliable team member, constantly bringing fresh and creative solutions. When challenges arise, she quickly tackles them with her problem-solving abilities. 

Her curiosity often leads to insightful questions, pushing the team to think more deeply and collaboratively. Claudia enjoys watching a project grow from start to finish. For her, it’s about finishing the job and seeing how it helps her team members.

Guiding Principles

Three defining principles shape Claudia: Integrity, Kindness, and Honesty. These are more than mere words to her; they are principles that guide her every interaction, both within the team and with our clients. Her values align well with our sales training philosophy, emphasizing a genuine understanding between the buyer and the salesperson.

Personal Interests

Outside of her responsibilities at Topaz, Claudia enjoys books on scientific topics. She also places high importance on solitary moments to recharge. Claudia cherishes spending quality time with her family, including her parents, younger sister, and two beloved English bulldogs, affectionately known as her “two fatties.”

If Claudia could share one piece of advice with her younger self, it would be to “always be a Toys ‘R’ Us kid.” This whimsical yet meaningful guidance underscores retaining a sense of wonder, curiosity, and adaptability. In keeping this youthful spirit alive, Claudia enables herself, and by extension, our team, to approach challenges with a fresh perspective, making her an invaluable asset to our sales consulting business.