Here’s How Metahire Equipped a CEO Advisory Group to Screen for Sales

So critical to the success of the role was the ability to sell, and sell something they hadn’t sold before required skills that we weren’t effectively identifying in our sales hiring process.

Mike Sharrow – C12 Forums

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Company Challenges

C12 had great success screening for culture and core value fit through their sales recruitment process, but they struggled to find candidates with the transferable and dynamic sales skills they needed to achieve company goals. Like many other companies, C12 applied the exact same interview and hiring process to all verticals of their business instead of using a specifically tailored approach for hiring salespeople.  

After realizing they needed external support, C12 Forums turned to our team at Topaz to help them realign their hiring techniques and learn how to screen for sales competence in their Chairs (business coach). Our goals were to help them revise their job descriptions, identify key sales competencies through a structured interview process, and embed the necessary skills, mindset, and knowledge into their current hiring process.

Changes to C12

The Metahire sales process was the perfect solution to address C12’s challenges. We equipped the C12 hiring team with all of the necessary sales hiring processes and tools to screen for sales abilities using our unique hiring strategies. We did this by:

  • Seamlessly integrating into their existing processes to ensure minimal disruption to their business and maximum effectiveness.
  • Utilizing a pre-hire sales assessment to determine the sales potential for each C12 Chair candidate. Then, taking the information from the assessment to further uncover sales competencies during the screening process.
  • Training their team to identify true sales competencies, developing questions to discover if the candidate has those competencies, and dispelling any misinterpretations, misperceptions, and myths on who makes an ideal sales performer.

With our Metahire process in place, C12 saw an immediate improvement across the board in their hiring results. Take a look below.

Changes Coming Full Circle

C12 is enjoying a much higher success rate of new hires compared to their previous efforts. Their hiring team feels far more confident throughout the recruitment and interview process, is far more confident in their decision-making, and ultimately has spent far less time and resources replacing bad hires with sales-centric and coachable Chairs. 

Moving forward, C12 continues to utilize the sales hiring and screening skills they developed through the Metahiare system as a foundation for successful and consistent hiring practices. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them as we introduce new content relevant to their business. 

Chat with C12

“Trying to solve the problem, once you evaluate for fit and culture and values and all those other things that matter for a role…how do we actually know if someone will be successful? Sometimes we’re trying to gauge whether or not they’ll be successful at selling something they haven’t sold before. And we found that we were getting really good at matching for culture and for values and for so many other attributes, but so critical to the success of the role was the ability to sell, and sell something they hadn’t sold before required skills that we weren’t effectively identifying in our sales hiring process.” 

-Mike Sharrow, CEO @ C12 Forums

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