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Here’s How Metahire Equipped a CEO Advisory Group to Screen for Sales

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C12 Forums, dedicated to supporting Christian CEOs and executives, provides an exclusive, Biblically-based business transformation environment. With over 20 years of experience, C12 specializes in scaling businesses through Christ-centered principles, aiding thousands in enhancing their companies, families, and personal lives. Positioned uniquely for leadership development, C12 is renowned for its impactful approach to executive coaching and growth.


Sales Skills Screening

C12 successfully screened for cultural fit but lacked a robust method to assess dynamic sales skills critical for achieving their strategic goals.

Generic Hiring Processes

Their one-size-fits-all hiring approach failed to meet the unique demands of recruiting effective sales-oriented business coaches.

Need for External Expertise

Recognizing these shortcomings, C12 sought external guidance to refine their hiring strategies and better identify sales competencies in candidates.


Tailored Hiring Framework

Topaz introduced the Metahire sales process, customizing it to integrate seamlessly with C12’s existing procedures. This minimized disruption and maximized hiring efficiency.

Enhanced Competency Screening

We implemented a pre-hire sales assessment tool to evaluate potential sales aptitude among candidates, enriching the quality of C12’s interview processes.

Sales Competency Training

Our team trained C12’s hiring staff to accurately identify essential sales competencies, craft insightful interview questions, and debunk common hiring myths, ensuring a more informed and effective selection process.

"Selling something they hadn’t sold before required skills that we weren’t effectively identifying in our hiring process.”

Mike Sharrow

"By getting hiring right, C12's turnover rate decreased significantly."

Jorge Chavez
Topaz President
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Adopting Topaz’s Metahire sales hiring system has significantly uplifted C12’s recruitment outcomes. Their hiring team now boasts enhanced confidence and decision-making prowess, witnessing a marked reduction in turnover and resource expenditure on recruitment.

This transformation has empowered C12 to consistently hire sales-driven, coachable business leaders, setting a robust foundation for sustained organizational success and growth.

Continuing this partnership, Topaz is excited to keep evolving C12’s hiring practices with fresh, relevant content that aligns with its mission and business objectives.