Topaz Sales Coach

Lenn Bell

Birmingham, Alabama

Lenn started with Topaz in 2022, bringing 30 years of experience in turning around companies with little or no sales success, transforming their sales team, and helping them grow. His primary goal is to help as many clients as possible learn the sales skills needed to accelerate their ramp-up and achieve sales success. His roles include new business development and sales training and coaching.

His DISC profile is Red and Blue.

"Live with no fear."

Lenn Bell, Topaz Sales Coach

About Lenn Bell

Raised in Jacksonville, FL, and currently residing in Birmingham, AL, Lenn received his Business degree from Stetson University. He has two adult daughters and is a huge pet lover with four long-haired chihuahuas roaming about the household. When he’s not hard at work helping our clients achieve their sales goals, you can probably find Lenn out on a boat or watching a Miami Dolphins game.

Sales Background

Before we had the pleasure of working with Lenn, he held VP and Senior VP positions at Marketing and Print Manufacturing companies, where he successfully scaled sales and growth initiatives that generated millions of dollars in revenue for his employers. Even though he says he never planned on having a career in sales and accidentally fell into a sales role after college, we’re sure glad he did – and so are our clients!

Making an Impact

Lenn chose to join us here at Topaz because he realized that he can have a greater widespread impact by helping more companies through consulting work instead of his past roles. Now, he’s able to teach them what he’s learned so they can grow their companies on their own without making classic mistakes in their process.


Lenn’s three most important values are being fair and honest, respect for and care of  others’ situation and views, and competing and winning by doing things the right way. His advice to his younger self: “Live with no fear.” In business, Lenn’s fearless attitude allows him to embrace challenges, take calculated risks, and think outside the box, ultimately leading to innovative solutions, bold decisions, and competitive edge.